New Koxx-One unicycle!! Switch Unimag

Hello everybody!

We are working with Koxx-One to create a Switch Unimag Unicycle (The french Unicycle review)
In order to do the best for you, we need to know your thought.

pro or against ? = That’s here

Looks kinds neat, tho I dont think it would go over to well in the USA.

thats way to much money for that uni. its to easy in north america to grab a brand new kh for way less then that.

nice lookin uni, but ive heard bad things about the black domina…

seems like were paying extra for something pretty…

That is really cool.

If I got a domina I think I would get that.

The saddle and frame looked nice, but I’m wondering what the saddles made of. If its the same material as the white widow seat then it’ll just wear out and look terrible in a few months, if so I don’t think its worth it at all.

I like the design of it all though

Where can I get a white trials tire like that? in a few weeks.

Looks nice but 1. Haven’t heard the best things about the Black Domina… and 2. WAAAYYYY to much money.

Just how strong would that be? Still just flat, or off drops and if so how big in comparison to other frames like the Devil?

The price is definately way too high. If it’s still just for flat, I’d say it should be about the same price as a KH. (The Domina would be significantly lighter though, ridgt?)

looks really fancy which i wish more unicycles with style would be made, but waaaay to spendy

yeah its pretty expencive, i dont know much about the unis but it looks cool anyway. if its the same material as normal koxx seats it will probably wear quite quickly, and then it wont look so good

Drops were never the issue. Assuming you aren’t landing with all your weight on the seat there shouldn’t be a huge amount of forces on the frame. Flatland will definitely but more stronger forces into the frame and I would say that flat tricks are a better test of a frame’s strength than just doing drops.

Cool looking uni, but when I can get a nimbus with moments for less than half of that I think the decision is pretty easily made.

which is what did:D

Me too and I also got a Wallis base and Thomson post too and it still ended up costing significantly less.

hi every one,

About the black dom, the new frame is strengthened on the welds (with small reinforcements).
Its lasted life will be really superior to the first one.

So, we can practice Flat, street and trial.

I really hope you will like it. So don’t stop VOTE hehe