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Mmmm, orange bud. i like the unicycle a lot too. it was def. my favorite out of the three

what is the main differences between street and trials?

a trials is stronger

i’m talking about the style or riding dumbass.

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That attitude isn’t going to get anyone to answer you too soon.

tom’s one of my mates from school, i ask what the difference is between street and trials. he tells me trials is stronger. if i had have asked for the difference between a street and trials i would have expected an answer like that, but he gave me an answer which doesnt answer my question.

i already knew a trials uni is stronger than a street uni, he gave a dumb answer.

hows that, mr perfect?

mr. perfect as in Brian or me?

you asked for the main differences and that is one of them. you should really give more information when you are asking a question instead of leaving it so broad.

i asked for the main difference between street and trials.

i wasn’t refering to the unicycles, i was refering to the style of riding.

if i had meant the unicycles, i would have said what is the main difference between a street and trials.


Trials unis are usually used for street, Koxx has just now came out with a different uni made ‘for’ street because the uni has shorter, round, hallow cranks like the KH style cranks, which makes it better for street, where in trials you want a some what larger crank with more q-factor to have better control on technical objects. There are some other things they have added to the street unis that just help in the street aspect of riding.

Trials - having max control while hopping form one object to another, planning out a line and riding it, jumping from stone to stone, or pallet to pallet.

Street - is like freestyle\flatland combined with trials. First it was mainly gapping large sets and doing grinds, with some flatland stuff thrown in like unispins and crankflips. Now it has become more technical and flowy, doing treyflips down stairs and unispins into a grind, crankflip out.

Yoggi did say that the street crnks are weaker than the trials one, but it shouldnt make much a difference, I am sure the sidewall thickness is wide enough to not snap and bend as easily as the younger KH models did when they came out. Then again, with street, everything is flowy, so roll outs should make forces less. THe cranks on Koxx trials are solid, but they need to be because in trials, a lot of times you cant roll out and all the force go straight down on them.

street riding sounds extremely difficult!!!

Look up Xavier videos, Dan H., and Shaun J. videos, those are pretty much the biggest names in street riding.

Dan has his universe videos, Xav has a good one called ‘2 days i barcelona’ and shaun has a good one called macht nada.

ive seen a lot of Xav’s. he is awesome! ill look up Dan H. and Shaun J. ive always heard guys talking about them but have never really seen them ride.

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Some Syko footage Dan Heaton and Shaun are in this Video. I think you can say that Dan Heaton is the founder of street unicycling.

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