New Koxx One Team Video !

Hey everybody,

There is a new video “GLOC” of the team Koxx One on :



Wow, thats dark. I liked it but I could see a lot of people not being too keen on it. I literally cringed on most of those bails, some were pretty bone crunching. Thats the first time I’ve seen a video focus more on the ‘so cutting edge it hurts’ side to riding.


dude that was undeniable riding. great video. the bails were dope. good job.

best online viddy ever

Ya, it was different than most videos cause of it’s death theme but overall I liked it! A couple sweet new moves I saw that I’d love to learn…


May be a bit scary for younger kids though.

How come Yoggi has managed to stay alive for so long?

hi what kind of codec i have to installed to see the video ?

I’m having trouble with it too. I thought it was because I’ve been messing around with my PC, trying to set it up so that I can access the internet on my Pocket PC via bluetooth. I’m failing miserably so far though.


I have to say you French guys are kind of crazy! :smiley:

This new video was maybe too dark and depressing but I have to admit I really enjoyed your new tricks. Is it “crank clip” when you roll the wheel during a jump? :thinking:

Ok wow, that must have been the dopest editing I’ve EVER seen in an online video. EVER. I’m taking it you guys didn’t use windows movie maker huh?

Oh… the riding was pretty damn quality too.


also, it was hot, and ALL of the trials was way hella flowy and sexy. I loved it. The crazy flatland stuff was great, especially. SO smooth and good… (not the freestyle, really, but the flatland. It’s kindof a separate catagory, ya know?)

That was really cool except for the deadness… but i liked the unispin into the ledge and the hop over the ledge and grind on opposite side.

i thought it was sweet but i the theme of death i didnt like at all. The people have some crazy skill but why and the nasty stuff. Stuff like that gives unicycleing a bad name


I was actually planning on doing something like that… oh well, that means I won’t have to work as much I guess.

It wasn’t THAT gorey. Come on… I see much worse stuff on late-night cop dramas.

Pretty awesome riding though. The foot grab on the grind was crazy! How do they come up with this stuff??

When I pulled the file out of my cache after viewing the video and ran it through GSpot, the Video Codec type is listed as WMVideo Decoder DMO which typically gets installed with Windows Media Player. If you are having trouble with the video check to make sure that your browser type is set to “play video” (Internet Exploder) or that you have the most up to date drivers installed.

Hope this helps

Or maybe the easiest way to play it is to right-click the item and download it on your hard drive… That’s what I did. :slight_smile:


Hey, the dark/death-theme of the movie made it different, not bad! It won’t give unicycling a bad name, it is just a way of theming the movie, which I have experienced to be very hard!

By the way, there is only one major fault of this movie: It makes mine seem so simple and boring ;D

holy crap man…that was nasty. viewer discretion advised. you don’t need to put bloody gory dead bodies into your movie, I would have liked it a lot if it wasn’t so gothic, but it was, so I really didn’t like it at all.

I liked it. IT was some strange pictures in it. So what?
The editing was great, the riding was more than great, the bloody gory stuff was something new.