New Koxx one Stuff !!!

I every one !!

Here some pictures of the new koxx one stuff !
It’s just a little part because the new koxx one, it will be:
street flat trial freestyle, 24/26/36 inches :wink:

the carbone frame is only a prototype for the moment, the real frames arrive soon :wink:

new pic soon !

Holy Sh*t that looks fricken awesome!!!
:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

When will al that cool stuf be online? ( when can I buy it?):smiley:

they look pretty cool, not too keen on the frames though, they look huge! and the mix-matched colours on them isnt all that great tbh.

Are the hubs proper isis? if so I will probably get one

i dont mean to be negative… (I LOVE the carbon frame- LOOKS AMAZING, but how have you made the ‘carbon’ frame soo heavy, it only wieghs 60g leass than the kh 09 20’’

any how bring out a Ti version of that hub and i will be BARE happy :smiley:


sorry for jumping out, i just re-read what you said.

i thought you meant the carbon frame was a proto type of another CARBON frame you were making, and not prototype of the cromo one :stuck_out_tongue:
my mistake. I will buy one :smiley: if it wieghs that.

I was just shocked for a minute that a carbon frame could weigh SOOO much LOL

Yes the new hubs are made with the good ISIS :slight_smile: !!

when will the 32H hubs be avabile in other UDC onlineshops

yay, good news.

not in all UDC shops because some shops stopt with koxx-one :roll_eyes:

yea UDC NZ has been trying to get Koxx-one stuff for a looooong time now but still no progres, appertly because of same of the names they have for the stuff.

Looks pretty good!
If the service looks same as the products…:slight_smile:


ive just got a new devil and it has the new 32 hole hub and i think the frame aswell:)

pictures?:slight_smile: where did you brought it from?

i got it from firetoys uk and ill try to get some pictures up later :smiley:

32 hole reinforced hub :slight_smile:

is it the new frame too?If it is ,pictures please.

not sure tbh

why does the hub has 32 holes and not 36?
as far as I know 36 is better… more stability and it’s stonger + you don’t have to buy an special rim for it :wink: