New Koxx one products

New K-1 products?

Frames 2:

Pit 3:

Pictures found on french forums, from koxx days 2009

PS: Anyone know who ‘Tibo Demant’ is? (thibault de man?)

Flatland results:
1°) Loïc Baud
2°) Tibo Demant
3°) Bobousse

could you put them somewhere else, I can’t find them.

i cant see the first two do you need to create and account?

I see them fine, didn’t make any account.

Try this: page 3

Or follow the link “koxx days 2009” on the bottom of page 4. And at page 5 there is the pit 3.

that worked. the XTP 2 looks super rad, even though i dont ride trials. the devil 2 looks ok, but i want a pit fighter 3 really bad (that is if they are really products, they look like concept products in the pictrues)

Interesting, the new XTP only weighs 490 or so grams? It’s pretty manky looking though to be honest. The current one is far better looking!

However, as with most Koxx One components, they’re fairly good, but accept the weight measurements with a pinch of salt. It’s probably excluding bearing caps and bolts. A solid CNC’d junction is always going to weight a fair bit. If they can’t get the Black Dominas to be under 500g, what with the crazy narrow tubing here and there, then I doubt this XTP is actually lighter.

Still, it’s pretty awesome to have a new frame on the market.

That head badge looks awful. And have that not noticed that longnecks are pretty much better for everyone and thing besides young kids and midgets.

Loic is riding the Black Domina 3 since past year I think!

It have a machined seattube like the KH… About the other products, I really don’t know anything…

I believe Arthur and Tim are really working now!

Agreed. Take that head badge off and make the neck longer then it would be cool. Also taking that terrible bulky headbadge off would save some weight.:wink:

it looks like they are just concept models right now. it would be cool to see the real thing… if there are any priviledged koxx riders out there that want to share. :wink:

Yes. Emile told me that Thibault’s name is pronounced Tibo, so I assume that that is true.