!!New Koxx One DVD, new Koxx One products!!

I am proud to announce you the new Koxx One products:

Our first DVD “The One”
Check out the Appetizer !
=> www.koxx-one.com

Riders :

  • Yoggi
  • Xavier Collos
  • Thomas Petracco
  • Tiffouille
  • Matt Huet
  • Ando U-Ta
  • Felix Dietze
  • Bryan Stevens
  • Thorsten Schanz
  • Daiki Izumida
  • Jonathan Gagneux
  • Laurent Gautheron
  • Vincent Hermance

New products:

Lazy Boy street frame:

After months of designing, we finely made a frame that’s strong AND light.
The unique colour is copywrited, so don’t steal this from us.(talking to you Kris :wink: )

DT street sadle:

We made a new sadle to fit the Lazy Boy frame.
The special cover give your current uni a cool look.
This sadle will also fit other frames, like the DH Pro,…

These products will be in shops end of March.

so is the frame green?

It is kindof hard to tell in the picture…

anyway, those look great!

Ummm… I can’t really tell from the pictures, but I think that the saddle and frame are Green, maybe?

Horrible product shots, I can’t see any detail. For all I know, that could be a chrome Nimbus frame and Torker LX saddle.

Sadle is Army green, and the Lazy Boy is silver/black.

$100 for a saddle? :astonished:


OMG, that frame looks so “gheto”.
Maybe, if I get the cash, I will buy it.
And if it’s lighter then the KH frame, otherwise no go.

Peter M

just wondering yoggi, why are the koxx products so much more expensive than say KH?

$100 for a saddle without a carbon base is pretty expensive in my opinion.


not quite as funny as the africa black or whatever that thing was.

I`ve just bent my african black frame…
i desperately need that frame!! it looks so awesome!
i need to save money for this!

This thread was fun, but a copy of the copy is a bit lame.

You forgot to put the weights in, how much is it exactly? The seat is really cool though…

oh wow Im oblivious…

this isn’t even funny when its not made of beer cans…

The weight is 69 grams.
The Lazy Boy is made from a special alloy compound (copywrited by Koxx One)

you mean this is a joke? noooooo

haha just joking

I didnt know that yoggi uses the dutch version of the forum…

I dont believe that its stronger than the AB with 69grams :astonished:

Well, Rocco I will donate you a frame for 1 year.
If you break it before that year is done, then you get €240.
Then you can buy 2 Lazy Boys :wink:


PM me with your adres, and I will personaly bring it over to you.
Just to be sure that you get this exclusive frame (for now atleast)

lol rocco will earn 240 €

Don’t you underrate the Koxx one design team (I mean myself offcourse)