*New* Koxx-One Bludgeon BC Wheel Plates.

Available @ http://www.kahero.fr/

Quite interesting really… Someone has to get these and review them!

Look cool though. Price seems allright too . :sunglasses:


They look much grippier than the Nimbus ones, I wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing-it could make it harder to jump off if you’re gonna crash. Probably a good thing.

There are 2 models (long and short plate) and they were released about 2 months ago (Only on KAHERO website)!

I tryied it at UNICON. It’s light and really fun. Spencer is a better BC riders a he also tryied it! Ask him for more details!

I’d say the Bryan Stevens model is better. I find narrower plates a lot easier to balance.

They are also here: http://www.k-124house.com/all/misc/koxx-one

Those look cool, I might have to get a pair.