New Koxx Muni

I was just checking pricing on renegade and saw this. It looks nice and its says its different then the track monster, so I thought I would just show you guys. Any thoughts?

Whoops sry, link doesn’t work for some reason. Just scroll down to the unis section…you’ll see it

If you are in Santa Cruz, you should stop by Tom’s shop and check it out.


Knew K1 Muni

I think that you will be bummed out by the 140mm cranks if yuo are going to be doing MUni. Also why not have the brake mounts. The narrower fork is good but from the picture I can’t tell if it is rounded at the corners like the KH. If not you will bang up the insides of your knees.


Wow, that’s really cool. It’s almost like a big devil. I like the seat/frame color combo alot. If I didn’t already own a 26" track monster, I’d be all over that uni like flies on poop.

I’m not so sure I like the idea of not having brakes though. It can be difficult to stop quickly without brakes sometimes. As a matter of fact I just hit a car this morning with my track monster. I couldn’t grab the brake fast enough. Just think how bad it could have been if I had I no brakes.

Brakes or not, after the abuse my uni has taken and held up I am a huge K1 fan.


I’d think 140mm cranks would be fine for some fairly technical stuff whilst still allowing you to get up a reasonable speed on the flats. I guess that and the lack of brake mounts suggests they’re not aiming for the really really extreme stuff.

Isn’t that just this unicycle? because the link just linked me to the mainsite instead of a product. 140mm is good for muni. Crank length is a personal choice, you can’t say 140mm sucks for muni just because you either havn’t tried it yet or didn’t like the experience.

no it this

So all they did was change the frame and put a different name on it?

Dont forget the seat :wink:

and no brakemounts of course

And Isis light cranks.

It soulden’t realy have the isis logo on the page as it issen’t true isis

Isn’t that the frame with the iridescent paint job that looks so awesome?

That seat is not so good looking for MUni though. :thinking:

Crank Length for MUni

140mm cranks are not optimal for MUni. Yes you can get great spead with them but you will suffer on climbs and have a harder time balancing on technical sections. Kris Holm himself always used 165mm cranks for MUni. He only went to the 150mm cranks after starting to use brakes. He has mentioned before that you wouldn’t want to do any serious downhill MUni with cranks shorter than 165mm without a brake. So giving such short cranks without a brake option is not ideal in my opinion. But hey each to his own.