New koxx ISIS light?

i was browsing the koxx site looking at the new seat post and black domina frame and saw the new sight isis hub.

are we to assume that this is the same ISIS spec as the normal ISIS hub andr not that of say the KH?

also some new ISIS light cranks in 90mm and 140mm.

wonder how good these are?

they look neat as.

i got my koxx isis cranks a while ago, the new reinforced ones say reinforced on them, are these the exact same as mine with reinforced written on it, or are they a different design?

Yeah, I saw that stuff too. I want one of those new seat posts. The “ISIS Light” cranks dont look to shabby either. I wonder how strong they are though. Someone get this new stuff and test it out!

I would assume that the light means light duty. It says for flat, freestyle and muni. They excluded trials and street so I think that it is lighter than the old hub but is not as strong.

Oh, to get to your questions. I didn’t look at the hub so I cant help you there, But Id be guessing that the “reinforced” cranks on the website are the same as yours now. It just says reinforced to tell them apart from the “Light” version ones.

From the looks of things, the Light hub, is essentialy a normal hub but much more hollow. The cranks look to be about the same idea, same as the old but more thin.

I personaly would love to try the 90 mm cranks. The second I saw them I nearly wet myself.

That would be funny if the light hub was true isis.

It would certainly make sense for them to do that, or at least adjust it to be closer to other unicycle manufacturer’s specs. Since their cranks already fit on other companie’s hubs, they might aswell move their hubs over so that both their cranks and other’s cranks would fit.

What would be truly amusing is if they had ISIS conflictions between their own hubs. That would certainly mean that they are truly at fault, but I rather doubt that would happen. With all the up in arms lately over ISIS, I bet they are being rather tight on their new creations.

Yeah, Just give it to cody!

to recognise the light from reinforced, its easy, the light are like KH moment, straight, while the reinforced are abit diamound shape from the side.

Also i wonder how strong the stuff is, but also i wonder about the ISIS. It’d be great if they had sorted it out.

Yeah, it’s about time that ISIS is adopted for “light use”. Just today I had to replace my freestyle cranks (they once loosened and since then made noises and always loosened again). 102mm would be nice as well. Do I see a new “Signature” in the works? :smiley:
If it weren’t for the ISIS-issue…

Maybe we finally get some decent cranks for the Quax ISIS hub. I still can’t believe that they apparanetly had no idea what the popular crank-lengths in freestyle-unicycling are :angry:

yeah i think its a good idea too, isis cranks are very nice and dont budge. for freestyle they’d be great. Just teh price…

qu-ax is making some 114mm “light” freestyle isis cranks that i think are true isis.

I’ve had the Qu-Ax “profi” freestyle I think it’s called with the light ISIS hub and cranks. Even with a heavy frame the whole thing just feels so stinking light…

114 is sorta too short for my liking though… I couldn’t imagine 90 mm cranks, even on a freestyle.

you could get that aluminum fork they have

Whenever I switched to shorter cranks (using 102mm now) it took me some time to get used to it, but I loved it in the end.
Overall I got the impression that many freestyle riders ride 102 or even 90mm cranks, thats why I was wondering about Qu-ax. I am also a bit sceptic about the round shape of the Qu-ax cranks, are they hard to stand on (e.g. for wraps)?

No, they are actually fine to stand on. I’ve gotten used to them, I just don’t like standing on short cranks for crank tricks. But, if I rode purely freestyle I would like that size of crank…

Sort of a threadjack here, but all ISIS hubs and cranks are splined, correct? The Qu-Ax 20" Cross Unicycle on UDC ( ) is listed with an ISIS hub and cranks, but there is a warning about not exceeding 10" drops with a non-splined hub in the description.

that is indeed pretty confusing. basically the red qu-ax hub is like the koxx light hub except they tried to sell it for cheap trials instead of freestyle.

The hub is basically weaker but still has splines, and the cranks are quite light. Not sure if 10inches is abit exagerated though.

And yes ISIS means splined, ISIS just means 10 splines on the hub/crank of the same size/width waterver.

I would recomend it over square tapered though, at least it shouldnt come off or anything and will be definately stronger.

UDC UK says

so they actually call them freestyle cranks. UDC USA has a mistake in the text.