*new* Koxx ISIS hubs and cranks...

^as in this thread. its been waaay over a year now and i wonder did theese actualy get materialized in the end or not?

i want to get a 32h hub and those cranks too.

anyone got one?

or can ANYONE find actual pics of these? who stocks them?

Thanks :smiley:


The photo is of a 36h hub, but the drop down tab says 32h and ‘In stock’.
I wonder what you would get if you ordered one?

Never even seen the cranks except there so I would go with the new impact cranks.

The picture is wrong, and I am also curious about the new hub especially.

What is going on with Koxx-One?

No offense to them but, they have not really progressed much lately and i think there not doing so hot right now.

Koxx-one is just dying IMO, their new stuff was supposed to be released in september 2009 and they never released it, they never said anything about that stuff after they posted the pictures…

I got the hub from renegadejuggling.com
Not sure if you can order the hub separately. Call or email them to find out.
Pictures here and here.

What makes you say that? They put out the 32 hub, they (well k124 in general) have new rims, and they did produce the Karbon Koncept frame. Also the rest of the products that should have came out in September look and seem pretty good.

Arthur Caron said something on the French forums late last year about why they were late with the products. No excuse for being this late but still they did say something.

Hahaahaha your point? Who besides like three people use the carbon concept frame? :stuck_out_tongue:

Karbon Koncept frame is just bedroom art. I’d never use it for actual riding.

Also, the pictures above of the ‘new’ Koxx ISIS hub is not really what we were after. According to the CAD pictures by Arthur C and the K-124 UK description… the new hubs are in an aluminium shell… hopefully the very same ones as seen in the 3d images.

I am waiting to hear back from K124 UK though…

Let me know what/if they say mate. Thinking about getting one but heard things about them which is making me reluctant to order from them.

I heard whispers about Impact/Exceed bringing out some nice new alu trials cranks, as well as 32h hubs.

Anyone able to confirm this? Protos?

Yeah all I know is that Joe Campbell just sent me his old uni and he said the hub is true ISIS. I will post a pic of the new cranks from impact but Joe Hodges says they will be or sale in September. :frowning: way to get em out there before the summer…

here it is (its from fb)

haha here is another one:

wow… I suck at attaching photos sorry… but here is the best one yet.

Except thats a 36h hub :wink:

Cranks look nice! Though I’m not too keen on the spiky bits. How much are they expected to retail for? and any idea on offset/q-factor and weight?

Only seen pic I have no idea about anything else. I’ve got a feeling Yoggi in the end will decide not to keep the spikes but who knows.

So? :slight_smile:

Aidan, any word on 32h hubs from Impact?