new khu products

Khu needs a

Maybe, but KH is a Muni and Trials rider so thats probably why he designs those types of unicycles :sunglasses:

that is why, he has said that many times before


Kris is into muni and trials, that is why he makes a trials uni, and two munis.

there used to be a KH freestyle

KH needs a more inexpensive line of munis.

I think the price is very reasonable. He is making some of the lightest, and strong unis, using very high end material.

Besides, unis dont have that much bulk in the orders. Im sure if hundreds of thousands of people where into unis and buying KH, then ordering larger ammounts would bring price down, but we dont have a community that big.

dont forget Kris does make a 36" frame.


i was waiting for somebody to catch that out, thanks evan.

it’s still available from udc america i believe, and its pretty cheap.

ya but he should make them

you have started yet another entirely pointless thread. This is second to your goat-punching.


thats stupid
i don’t care who you are, you don’t need that

well observed again evan, you win a gold star.

Should have won a purple star.

And it fits a narrow hub rather than the new goodness of the wide hub. It is old school.

It’s an expensive frame because it was hand made in Canada by a craftsman and not in Taiwan by a nameless factory worker living on a Taiwanese wage.

Wouldn’t that mean it’s better? You can put a real hub in it.

Depends on what you consider better. If you want a narrow hub in a Coker wheel then it would be better. The wide hubs were discovered after the KH 36" frame was made. Now wide hubs are preferred by many people because they make for a stronger and stiffer wheel build with the big Coker wheel.