New KHU European team rider


Just wanted to announce that David Weichenberger has joined the KH Factory team as the first team member for KH Europe. David lives in Austria and is one of Europe’s best all-round muni, trials and street riders.

Bio is up at but nothing else yet- will post photos and vids there when available.



Cool, never heard of him though. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for videaos.

Sweet, it’s always good to have fresh people in the community (and I’m sure he’ll be drawn in sooner or later…) to give a new view on stuff. Congratulations dude, should you happen to read this! :smiley:

yeah ive never heard that name before either but im sure we’ll be seeing alot of him in the near future

I saw David perform on a convention in Neerpelt(Belgium) and he was great.
I hope he come’s back next year.

waoo you are lucky but i don’t understand, you are in koxx-one team and in the KH team ? team, trial

Yea wird :stuck_out_tongue:

you can be sponsered by more then one person…it just means that your real good…look at shaun hes got KHU, Bedford, SYKO and more if im not mistaken

good choice I think :slight_smile:

But sponsored by 2 bikefactories?


I am not sponsored by two unicycle-factroys.
I quit my sponsoring by koxx because i do not like to represent that (in my opinion bad) image. Up to now yoggi didn´t update his homepage, i hop he will do it soon.

Now i am very proud to be powered by KHU.


well i guess that clears it up then

haha sweet… why is koxx a bad image tho ?

They seem to be trying a bit of a bad-ass almost skater/bmxer image but I don’t really think of them that way.

ah I get it

Re: New KHU European team rider

On Sat, 1 Apr 2006 19:04:47 -0600, uniMcPeatf wrote:

>Cool, never heard of him though. :slight_smile:

David is (was?) world champion for long jump.

I agree they are going into the bmx/skater image but surely thats a good thing, if we want unicycling to go mainstream, but maybe not everyone does want it to

Will you be coming at Neerpelt next year?