New KH29 Seat Post Problems (Help!)

Has anyone had issues getting a brand new KH29 adjustable seat post inserted or removed from the frame?

I just received a brand new KH29 from UDC and while trying to adjust the seat post to the proper height it has become wedged in the frame and I haven’t been able to get it to go any further in or get it out, it seems to be stuck in the frame now. I have not that this issue before and have done this with three other unicycles (both KH and Nimbus) that i have purchased recently. Is it a result of less than stellar QA at the manufacturing plant or am i just unlucky? Seems to me that this isn’t an issue i should encounter on a new piece of expensive equipment like this. This type of stuff makes me think that maybe i should throw my hard earned cash at a different product or distributor in the future. Any ideas to a resolution would be greatly appreciated.

Probably bottomed out in the seat tube where there might be distortion from the welding at that point (not sure of the seat tube is reamed out all the way down there after construction).

Tried flipping it upside down and standing on the seal and twisting the frame / wheel to get it to move?


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try. I know that the seat post isn’t bottomed out and the post appears to seized at this point and won’t even allow me to twist it side to side. I’ll remove the wheel and try to crank on it some more and see if i can get to move in either direction. Seems odd to have this issue with a new frame as i checked inside the neck for obstructions before inserting the seat post. I also checked the seat post to ensure it was smooth and without obstructions on the outside.

I would give the folks at UDC a call if still having problems

Problems can happen
But the level of customer service I’ve had from UDC is pretty amazing
If it can’t be sorted I’m pretty sure they’ll sort you out with a replacement pronto

But I know how annoying it is when new bits of kit don’t work

Did you apply grease before inserting the seat post?

Did you cut down your seatpost at all? If you did so using pipe cutters than there may be a small ridge where the cut was made, which could be what is causing the seatpost to be stuck. If you didn’t cut the seatpost, then I have no idea. Good luck!

I would clamp the seat post mounting place in a vice and with the wheel fitted (but with no tyre on) to prevent twisting the frame legs, would then put a padded long bar between the legs at the very bottom next to the crown and use that to twist the frame free.

Alternatively use a drift or large flat bladed screwdriver to gently hammer down the slot in the the seat tube to gently expand the seat tube (with the clamp lifted up out the way) and then squirt some penetrating fluid down between the post and frame to loosen it all up.

It’s amazing how much effect a tiny burr can have on a seat post. Yes, if you’ve cut it, or if there’s a tiny blob of welding spatter or similar inside the tube, this can happen.

But that actually doesn’t sound like the problem. Usually when it’s that, the post will twist but won’t move in either direction. This is because you’ve created a groove in the opposing surface, but it doesn’t allow the seat to go up or down.

If it won’t even twist, it could be one of those chemical welding issues? Is it steel on aluminum? What are the frame and post made out of?

I did and we’ll see what they have to say when they get back to me.


I tried flipping it over and trying to move it but to no avail.


I called and emailed UDC and we’ll see what they when they get back to me.


No i did not grease the seat post before inserting it. I wasn’t aware that i was supposed to. Thanks for the tip and I’ll make sure to try that next time.


Initially no. I tested the height to see if it would work prior to cutting it and realized it was an extremely tight fit from the get go. I did manage to get it removed the first time (barely) and then used pipe cutters to cut it down an inch. After cutting it down i sanded/filed the outer edges of the seat post to ensure i had no ridges or burs and made sure everything was smooth prior to re-inserting it but did not use grease.


I did put the seat post into a vice and used a piece of wood to attempt to move it and was able to move it side to side only a slight bit but was nowhere near getting it to move enough to get it out. Thanks for the suggestion though.


I suspect you’re on to something with your thoughts on the situation but as i indicated above i checked the seat post for burrs and ridges and ensured everything on the outer edges of the seat post were smooth and even so i wouldn’t run into this issue. I’ve never seen one with this tight a fit before cutting the seat post and really haven’t ever seen one this tight after cutting the seat post. Maybe if i had used grease this wouldn’t have happened but i suspect it might be due to something else given how tight it’s wedged in there now.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and tips!!! I guess I’ll need to wait for UDC to get back to me and hope their customer service is as good as everyone says it is. It’s definitely a bummer to run into this situation on something brand new but i guess it happens.

If it is moving a tad spray some penetrating fluid in it and keep working it

now what I would do is I would take my seat off and wheel out then thread the seat post seat mount through a gap in something solid (like the top of my hydraulic press which has two i beams parallel to each other and a 2-3 inch gap between them) and then rotate the post / uni 90 degrees so it can’t come out from between the press beams due to the seat base plate and then yank the whole thing up repeatedly in a hammer slid action and beat that post out of the frame.

Or slap the frame in a vice / clamp (wrapped in something to protect it) stick a stilt-son spanner on the flats of the seat post top and put a hollow pipe on the stiltson handle (I have a pipe just for this) and twist.

After years working on landrovers I would get that bugger out somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

Feisty - Thanks for the suggestions and continued support. I’d also like to thank everyone else who provided suggestions to assist with my unfortunate situation.

I just wanted to update this thread with the latest status on my seat post dilemma…

Josh from UDC contacted me today to discuss my situation and see what could be done to get things resolved. All I can say is wow what a great guy and what a great representative for UDC. I’ll be sending back my current frame with “wedged seat post” and Josh and UDC will be sending me a replacement frame and seat post to get me up running again.

Good customer service in this day and age (I believe) is truly a lost art form, and it’s definitely a rarity to find a company that not only preaches excellent customer service but actually stands behind it, and does what it takes to prove it. UDC IS THAT TYPE OF COMPANY!!! I can only speak for myself here (I do however know many other folks across the globe that would agree) but i would pay a premium (over and above the going rate that most companies might charge) for any product I purchase to a company that i know will provide superior customer service and stand behind the products they sell. I’ll say it again, UDC not only advertises excellent customer service, they back it up, and support their customers too. UDC, without question, will have my unicycling business for the duration! Once again, a big thanks to Josh and UDC for being the kind of company that truly provides a superior customer experience, stands behind the products they sell, and takes excellent care of their customers!

Glad to here of the good outcome

UCD is very good in the service stakes and as a small niche sport/market we are very lucky to be served by such an amazing company.

+1 :slight_smile:

The team at UDC are Brill!