New kh29 muni

hi all Iv treated myself to a kh 29 muni to go with my kh 24 Iv done a few miles on it now it’s a great unicycle but I’m really not liking the seat I’m finding it really uncomfortable and because it’s narrow I’m struggling with controle it just feels wrong just wondered if any one els was having trouble adjusting to the new seat

Hi Rob1,

it seems to require an adaptation phase and some testing to find the right configuration spot. The best thing would be to read the KH zero dedicated thread where others share their experience and configuration.

If worse comes to worst and you don’t feel it works for you, you can still sell the saddle and seatpost and get a regular KH adjustable seatpost with any saddle you like better.

Hi thanks I hadn’t noticed all the posts already iv messed with it quite a lot if I don’t get to grips with it soon I will buy the older type like I have on my 24

I would post it up for trade, Plenty of people on here have extra saddles laying around, or would like the “upgrade” but don’t want to pay for it : )

Iv not give up yet it’s getting more comfy more I ride I think the bit I don’t like is how it follows down a camber you carnt seem to controle the front with it being thin

Three month update

Rob, I’m in the exact same position you were before this summer: I have a KH24, brake less, and am considering a kH29. How’s it going for you? Did you swap out the narrow saddle? How’s your experience with the disc brake? Speedy rider? Thanks. Steve.

Hi Steve Iv had a lot of rides on it now it’s really good fun it seems a lot faster mounting it has been a bit tricky to get to grips with and its a fair bit stiffer to peddle still not mastered the disk brake yet never had a brake before When I first braked down a hill I had to let go to get balance and obviously I’d let go of the brake which my legs weren’t ready for it was off but iv hardly used the 24 since I got it oh ye the only thing I don’t like on it is the tyre the side walls are too soft for hoping sideways it crinkles up and skids away but apart from that I’d say get one


Appreciate the update, Rob. Thanks very much. Thumbs up!