New KH26 Reviews?

Has anybody ridden the new KH26 at all? I am not seeing any reviews? I’d be interested in how it compares against the old KH26 and/or the KH/Oracle 24 with the Duro tire. I know it will be lighter, but interested in folk’s impressions on it’s agility and they’ve adjusted to the flat seat. I know the spec differences, but I’m more interested in first-hand experience. It seems like it may be the perfect all purpose muni. Fattish tire, but lighter than the KH24 or Oracle.

I’m sure it has pretty good roll-over potential, but what about those times you want to get air, like rolling hops etc. I like both styles of riding.

I have one, and so far I think you are correct in thinking it is the perfect all around muni. I have a 24" and 36", and was torn between the kh26 and 29. I wanted to be able to keep close to my girlfriend on MTB trails, but also wanted to do a lot of technical and dh riding. The 24 is too slow, the 36 too big. The kh26 seems to be just right. The cranks really help being able to use the longer setup for tech riding and the shorter for xc riding when you need some speed. The tire is awesome, feels faster then the duro but still has great traction and suspension. I didn’t notice any self steer but have been running pressure a little high.

I was a bit worried about the seat but got pretty well used to it after a few miles. I still cant believe how light it feels, rolling hops are no problem and it even spins well. Overall I am very impressed. I have not ridden an older kh26 to compare though.

Great info. Do you use the tbar with the seat?

What 24 do you have?

The new KH26 looks fantastic. I ran the 29" Knard until the Dirt Wizard 29 came out this Spring/Summer. The Knard is a great tire until the Mid-Atlantic/ East Coast clay soil turns to mud. It’s tractionally challenged at that point for sure.

That being said, there are other 26" tires available that will do well if you have to ride when the going gets sloppy. I’m not saying that you should seek out trails to do damage on, but some of the times I’ve needed the traction were during races on trails that were approved to ride while wet.

Sorry this isn’t full first hand experience with the KH26, but one of the big deals with this one is the addition of the Surly Knard- a great tire until East Coast mud shows up.

The old KH26 was great. The addition of more tire clearance, a stronger frame, and a disc brake makes it stellar.

Very tempting to buy. Considering selling my Oracle24 with Spirit 137 crank upgrades and KH Street Fusion saddle. How much do you think I could get for it?

  • Any thoughts on the risk of getting from a new product line the first year? I am generally not an early adopter because I usually like version 2.0. I realize that the spirit hub is new, but also it’s kind of moment 2.0. There were creaking issues with the moment hub etc. It’s also a new frame design right?
  • How skinny could I go on the tire? I could run a Maxis hookwork if I wanted right (2.5)?

I believe the 2015 KH models will be at least just as strong as the last generation. Yes, the frame crown is redesigned, but the rest is the old proven recipe. Well just my conception, but KH has been building unis for a long time, this is not even generation 2.0 its more like 5.0, and almost all the time the unis are getting better each year. Coming to think of it, I don’t remember any generation being a downgrade from the previous one.
Hookworms are fine and a great option if you want to do road riding.
I hear the flat seat is great once you adjusted to it, but that needs some time. I’ve been blessed to witness Ryan Kremsater on his KH26 on Vancouver Northshore trails, it wasn’t the 2015 model frame, but it had the Knard tire and Zero saddle. The tire seems to have amazing rollability, while still being light, and having a good amount of volume for hops.

I don’t think that you need to worry about it. The new frame is definitely going to be stronger since the middle crown weld was the only spot that KH frames tended to break. I’m not as sure on the hub but I don’t think it should be an issue since the whole point was to make it simpler.

There seems to be minor changes made to the frame design every other year or so, which is probably a good thing since they do seem to be improvements.

As far as the Spirit hub, it should be worlds apart from the creaky Moment hubs seeing as how it was designed to get rid of the creaking issue specifically I believe.

The biggest head scratcher for me is the Knard tire. The Knard has a great tread pattern but the 120tpi version is IMO way too soft to be used for a Muni tire.


I was under the impression people loved the tire

I think people do love the tire, but for me the sidewalls are waaaay to thin. A friend at the bike shop has 120 tpi knards on his krampus and says the sidewalls are thin. If a biker thinks they are too thin, they are probably too thin for a unicycle imo.

It is thin but it doesnt me its weak, just a finer, tighter threading mesh fabric, meaning they can use less tire rubber or nylon compound. I run it at 18 or 19psi, on the firmer side. I rode it through plenty of rocky areas and it holds up fine, so far no punctures, no folding either as far as I know of. I havent done major hops on it yet. I think bikers put more weight, more speed, especially on turns, therefore much more stress on it. For me, the lightness is a big plus for climbing and descents, with greater control at the tradeoff of less grab on the really loose rocks, compared to the Duro , and of which you can go at a lower psi, with even greater grab without a hint of fold. Still, the Duro is a great tire for building muscles. Because, now that I am used to the Knard, my Coker tire Nightrider feels darn heavy uphills! :roll_eyes: :wink:

Nope. Bikers weight is supported by two tires, so I have a hard time believing they put more stress on their tires. The industry is dominated by high tpi tires for their suppleness whereas unicyclists have been running thicker walled DH tires since forever.

FWIW, my buddy likened the sidewalls to a balloon.

In my opinion (read: my opinion :D) the sidewalls could be totally bulletproof (I.E. not susceptible to the rippin’-and-the-tearin’) and if they are too thin, you’ll still get fold over and eventually pinch flats. If you up the psi, you get a harsher ride which defeats the purpose of having a 3" tire.

But I do believe the Knard is great tire; just in the 27 tpi version. I will soon be building a 29+ wheel set for a custom frame and you can bet there’ll be a Knard on it. But it’ll be 27 tpi. The tread design is fantastic.

For 24 or 26 Muni though, the Duro is still king. I absolutely love that tire.

I would think stress to the tire would equate to more wear and tear. When I ride a mountain bike I would replace the tire at twice frequency as would the uni. Higher speed and the heaviness of the bike frame probably is factor. I believe in the more mountainous, rocky terrain, the bike tire is prone to slip and slide going fast and turning downhills, especially on the front tire, therefore you need a knobbier tire. I find myself slipping much less frequently then on the much speedier downhill bike, much more in control because of the slower speed and simply the fact that it is a fixed wheel. Dont get me wrong, I like the knobbiness of the Duro, just not crazy about its heaviness. I guess if all I did was downhills on tough technical terrain, that is the tire to have.

But so far, the 26" 120tpi Knard is my GoldiLocks.
Highrolling for pavement and hardpack. Good enough control on the rocky stuff. I can go down steeper because my back pedal pressure and adjustments is simply more effective due to the weight savings. It hops just as well, maybe even a little higher than the Duro. Also, maybe is that I have the wide rim LargeMarge Lite and if that makes a difference, at 17 or 18 psi I still have not felt any significant folding of the sidewalls, nor does it ride too harsh. It is very sensitive to the right psi though. The Duro in that respect is not so sensitive to minute psi changes. At the right psi, I dont feel it like a bloated balloon like I might on the fattie 3.8 Nate at the non optimal psi.

Well, everybody has their own preference of muni tire, the Knard serves me well, in climbing and going steep downhills, at the current moment.:wink:

Can someone tell me the real weight? I’m really curious about it

Mine weighs 14.6 lbs, with a KH t-bar muni handle and Shimano PD-MX80 pedals.