New KH24 frame, KH24 wheel. *Never ridden*

Bought a brand new 2009 KH24 and don’t need the frame or wheel.

I am selling:

KH24 frame and black KH dual bolt seat post clamp:

$218 CAD shipped in Canada ($250+shipping at


$209 USD shipped to the States ($209+shipping at UDC, blue KH24 frame sold out)

KH24 wheel (built hub, spokes, rim, rimstrip, tire and tube)

$265 of your respective currency shipped to your door. ($318.54+shipping+wheelbuild at $309.59+shipping at UDC)

Ok. Curiosity is killing the cat here. What are you up to now? Seems like an odd way to buy a seat post and seat. :smiley:

…and pedals, and cranks :slight_smile:

I agree it’s a little strange, but a crank length different from whatever he currently has (or dual-hole) and a seat upgrade to 2009/2010 could be enough to push a crazy person in that direction, assuming they had high hopes for unloading the other components :slight_smile:

curious x2,

John M

You pretty much nailed it. Saw a great deal and decided to go for it.

I get to keep a pair of 165/137 dual hole cranks, a new seat, some pedals and a post all for just over $100 (assuming I get what I ask for the frame and wheel)

If the frame does not sell I will see if I can put a smallish 26" wheel in there for an uberlight XC machine. If the wheel does not sell I can keep it to easily just do a wheel swap for when I might want to go 24". If neither sell I have a top of the line 24" MUni. I will probably set these aside and keep them in new condition until either they sell or summer time comes and I decide I really need a light XCmobile or a 24 for playing around on the flin-flon rocks.

I will entertain offers but as you can tell I am not desperate to get rid of them.

If you had gone with a 26" I would have been interested. I have all the missing components.:smiley:

Ehhh wouldn’t be that much less then they are currently selling for at Might not be worth the lack in parts.

Yah, If you are starting from scratch and want a 24 this really is not that great of a deal, It would save you money however if you just want to replace or upgrade your wheel or frame.

If it was a 26 I would probably keep both my frames and have a Nimbus/Echo wheel for sale instead :stuck_out_tongue: