new KH24 frame and wheel.

Yes this is the same frame and wheel I was selling before, made a new thread because I am lowering the prices and people often don’t look past the first post.

I also have pictures now. :wink:

KH24 frame, magura mounts, and black KH dual bolt seat post clamp

$200 shipped ($250+shipping at, sold out at UDC otherwise $209+shipping)

KH24 wheel (built hub, spokes, rim, rimstrip, tire and tube)

$260 shipped ($343.20+shipping+wheelbuild at $309.59+shipping at UDC)

The whole package (wheel, frame, and maybe a bonus thrown in)

$400 shipped save another $60

All prices are in your own currency (CAD, or USD) the difference in shipping costs pretty much cancel out the difference in currency.

I love brand new KH’s… but unfortunatly the Torker I brought from you is still going strong with my Nimbus frame:p Pretty cool deal though, if someone is looking for a KH24.

Holy cow, that 24" torker wheel has been all around the mulberry bush, eh?

what hub is that?

Glad to hear that torker wheel is still working for you.

Not to get too far off topic but did that wheel belong to someone before Evan? only 3 owners that I know about. (Evan, Me, Jacob)

2009 with the silver flanges.

I guess I did not specify that in my original post. Everything you see is 2009 model year and unused.

Not to get too far off topic but did that wheel belong to someone before Evan? only 3 owners that I know about. (Evan, Me, Jacob)

No, sorry Eric, I sold you plates and a tube. I had sold a 24" torker to a guy in Regina and forgot it wasn’t you. The reason I was commenting was I thought the 24" torker wheel was off that uni, if so, Jakob would have owned it twice. Sorry for the confusion.

ON topic, this is a pretty sweet set-up and I think that anyone looking for these parts would be stupid to pass up this deal.

All the recent talk about putting together a KH/schlumpf MUni made me realize that this would be perfect for either someone who needs a shlumpf compatible frame or a spare wheel for when their hub is on vacation in switzerland

The frame is also the perfect height for a 26x2.3 setup for XC riding.

The 24" frame on a Conti Gravity 2.3

I am going to go home in two weeks and see if a 26x2.5 hookworm will fit in the 24" frame.

Hi Eric,

Would you take $300.00 for the set up? this looks brand new and never ridden

What else do I need to purchase to make this a complete uni?

Please confirm I’ll need a saddle, seat post, pedals & cranks!

I live in Connecticut (06498 zip code) what would shipping cost?

Thanks and have a great day!

Kirk Jackson


Check your Private Messages

Hi Eric…

Are you getting my PM’s…so far I sent two!

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Things were looking good then the deal fell through.

Still on the market. Everything is packed up and at my brothers place in Saskatoon ready to ship.

Are you interested in just selling the frame? I understand if you don’t want to.

Yup. Like I said in my first post the frame is $200 shipped. I guess I can knock $10 off if you don’t want the magura mounts.


Hey Eric, I sent you a message on hotmail.

Thanks for the heads up, It ended up in the junk mail. Sent a response.


To Humblebee.