New kh20 squeaking ? strange noise

Hi guys, few weeks ago i got my brand new kh20 07. Now that past few days I started hearing this squeak or creaking. I am unsure from where it is coming from and its scaring me :stuck_out_tongue: I took off the seat post clamp and checked it and put a bit more greese on the inside of the seat post tube. And tightened it back up but yet still no fix. So i tightened up the bolts on the saddle. and still it makes this creak noise. Its not always creaking it just happens when i turn sharply left or right. or when i jump up on my palet and a half :stuck_out_tongue: I really don’t want to damage my kh so should i continue riding it or what ?? it could possibly be the cranks I haven’t tryed tightening or loosening them yet as they seem fine. I think it might be from the seat post maybe it moves just that tiny little bit making that noise or maybe something worse ? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

(edit) Its not common like every rotation but its happening enough for me to really notice it.

could be that your spokes are loose, or maybe your shoe is rubbing against the cranks and makes a squeaking noise. One of the two.

Hi, was just riding it a bit more, I dont think its my shoes but again i cant make the sound unless im riding. I think it could be my spokes. If so how do i tighten them?

Go to your LBS(local bike shop) and ask them to tension your spokes, around here that would cost maybe $10US or go to your LBS and get a spoke tool and tension your spokes yourself.

Hi again, I just checked my spokes they seem tight however some of the spokes that touch others when touched they can make a noise switches one posistion to another. Is this bad or means they need tightening?

I think its the seatpost clamp now riding a little more it seems that the noise is coming from there. It could also be making noises from around the wheel/hub area. I am not really sure. It only happens when i put a bit of force on it.

I received my kh not long ago and mines fine.

It possibly could be the cranks or the pedal inserts.
Check that the right pedals is in the right crank. vice versa. Mak sure there is grease in the inserts. find the front of your unicycle. (it should say “KH20” on the frame so make sure thats facing the front). Is the saddle facing the rite way?

I received my kh not long ago and mines fine.

It possibly could be the cranks or the pedal inserts.
Check that the right pedals is in the right crank. vice versa. Mak sure there is grease in the inserts. find the front of your unicycle. (it should say “KH20” on the frame so make sure thats facing the front). Is the saddle facing the rite way?

We seem quite the same.
Im 13. You’re 14.
I live in Aus. You live in Aus.
You recently got a kh. I recently got a kh.

I was just wondering what new tricks have you learnt on your kh so far?
Where do you ride?
How many marks or scratches do you have on your frame?
How Did you have to cut your seatpost? How much?

It sounds like the spokes, dude. It’s a common thing, just follow Ducttape’s advice and take a visit to your LBS.

I have the same uni

One thing to check is that you have not tightened the bearing caps to much. Many people just tighten them up, cause they will run fine that way, for a while. :roll_eyes: I did this until UDC Roger pointed this out.:o

Flip your uni upside down and give the wheel a spin. It should do about 15 revolutions before it stops. If it doesn’t, loosen the bearing caps until it does.

The stock KH pedals are loose ball, and with a bit of bad luck you can get something in there that can make some noise. I wouldn’t worry to much about pedal noise. But then again, I have a lot of pedals.:slight_smile: It’s not to hard to take apart a loose ball pedal, just to messy for me to want to bother with. All that messy grease solvents etc.

It is best to learn to check your spokes yourself. The tool is pretty cheap. For now, just tap the spokes with a spoon, and the ones that are to loose will sound dull and flat. Turn them left until they sound almost as tight as the average. You must turn them counter clockwise to tighten.

My 36 made spoke noises, even after I had fixed a few loose ones. The wheel looked true, so I just carefully tightened each spoke 1/2 turn. This has no effect on trueness, and the tighter wheel was quiet.

I never had crank noise, but if I did, because KH 20 has a tapered spline, I would whack it with a soft mallet, to better mess the splines. Then tighten the bolt.

It’s always a good idea to be attentive to new noises in your uni, so as to catch trouble early. However, after you have checked all the obvious things, I
wouldn’t worry about riding it. The parts aren’t fragile.

If the noise is from your bearings, they are about 8 $ each. I wouldn’t replace them unless they don’t turn smoothly when you turn the outer part of the bearing shell with your finger. You have to take off the bearing caps and pull the wheel set off to do this test. I wouldn’t bother for a little noise. These bearings will die a long and noisy death, and it’s not really going to hurt anything else. They have a long service life, unless you tighten your KH caps down snug.

Thanks, Ill try adjusting the frame connection to the wheel tommorrow its a bit to dark now. If that doesn’t fix it i will go to the my local bike shop and see what they can do for me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Unisykolist since i got my kh I can jump on two palets. I can jump and pus the wheel around half a rotation and i can idle about 4 times (7’s my record) avg. Backwards is still to complicated and wheel walking is not so easy. I aint that great yet :stuck_out_tongue: Hoping to get really good by the end of the year but :smiley:

what’s so hard about getting a shifter and tightening the spokes? no need for paying anyone money to do a monkeys job, and no spesh tools needed… maybe just a bit more patience when using a shifter. my pos ebay uni used to make a bad groan groan groan with each revolution and all it took was a small shifter, some time, my fingers to squeeze each spoke and test how much give it had and tighten as necessary… then yes ofcourse spin the wheel and check it’s alignment and adjust the necessary spokes to bring the wheel back to center.

dude just get your uni, flip it over, and squeeze pairs of spokes with your hand and see if they move. if they clearly do then there’s atleast A problem there, and as a few have said probably THE problem. takes like 10 seconds to check them all and see if anythings funky or not!


what’s a shifter?

Noise on KH unicycles can be a problem, IF noise worries you. Usually this is not a problem mechanically. Check that you have some grease on the splines. Spokes can be properly tensioned but still creak. They won’t break but can annoy you. Just learn to ride and accept weird noises :slight_smile: Check that everything is generally tight (not overdone).


I’m guessing, but it’s USA wrench, UK spanner, and down under a shifter.

And enough with the “take it to the LBS shop” advice , OK ? Do you really think we are so stupid that we don’t know that we can pay people at bike shops to fix our wheels ?

Buy a spoke wrench, read a little bit, and figure it out. It’s like rubic’s cube, except 100 times easier, and you got to learn to do it, whereas you can blow off rubics cube, and not be so lame. Get a shifter !

Thanks. LBS’s are great… for bikes. We can usually figure out our own problems.
They do sell some nice accessories though

My pedal insert would creek on mine. I tighted the pedal a bit and it went away

you win. here have a biscuit.

why get a shifter/wrench/spanner if you can take it to someone who fixes wheels all the time and have them do it? I have my own set of shifters/spanners/wrenches and I’ll do small tune ups to keep my spokes sounding the same but most of the time I’m too lazy/busy to do it myself so why not take it to someone who knows what they’re doing?

because it’s a useful life skill to learn if you’re going to get in to cycling, particularly cycling which is going to knock your wheel out of line with reasonable frequency, like unicycle trials. I’ve found that many bike shops really aren’t that particular in their wheelbuilds, especially when they can’t use their precious trueing stand, so doing it yourself is often more effective, and indeed in my case quicker than driving to the bike store and back.

Each to their own, but there is deffinitely some value in learning to do your own wheel building/trueing.