New KH20" cranks

I got a new kh20" trials a couple of days ago and havent riden it a great amount just yet, and wen i started goin for a big ride today, i noticed that the cranks sounded a little creaky, or the spokes but im not sure which, but i have a feeling it is the cranks. I stopped and went to tighten them, but they r as tight as they will go!!

i dont know what to do and am too scared to ride it, coz i dont wanna weaken it!

its brand new, thats the most frustrating part:(

i remeber hearing somewhere that it just take the spokes a little to get worn in


It may be the cranks, I think that it’s normal (I wouldn’t really know)

Read up on this thread a little, it has it mentioned in there somewhere (allong with the cure)

yeah i dont think it is that the axle isnt lubricated.
but do new splined hubs and cranks have to be broken in?? coz i have a slight feeling that it could be in the middle of breaking in :thinking:

i dont think it is the spokes tho, its def the cranks and hub

Try loosening(or tightening) the bottom bearings (the thing that connects the frame to the uni)

the bearing housing?"?

Yes, if they are too tight they might make a sound when you ride.

Let your spokes tensiond at your bikeshop.
I had the same problem and my spokes where to lose.

I used to here that sort of noise on my uni (with those same cranks) and i couldn’t tell what it was, but after a few days the sound just disapered. but if i hop with my left foot forword it makes the noise again but i hate doing left foot forward so i don’t hear the noise that often

It’s unlikely to be the cranks if they are tight, they have a special anti-creak taper built in to them. Most likely is the spokes rubbing each other, this is nothing to worry about as long as they’re not too loose, spokes settle when the wheel is first ridden on, and can need retensioning after a period of use. Spoke rub sounds exactly the same as cranks creaking, you can’t tell between them. It could also be a pedal bearing, or indeed a main bearing, although neither of these is particularly detrimental.

are you talking about the 2006 KH20?!! if you are then post a pic immediatly, if its an 05 then post a pic anyway… Immediatly!!

yea you should try to lube up everything in the hub area, i mean splines,and cranks.(inside splines on cranks) usually spokes are a bit loose to when they are new, so tighten them up also.

just run your fingers across your wheel. when you feel a flimsey spoke, grab a spoke key and tighten up about 1 revolution. NOT TO TIGHT or you will bend your rim.

Alot of splined unis creak, it’s not a big deal. If your spokes are loose then tighten them, remember to tighten all of them the same amount or your wheel will go way out of true.

I have had problems with lots of uni cranks creaking. square taper cranks are usually fine with just always keeping them very tight, but splined cranks always seam to require a little more work, like putting some type of lubricant or anti-seize type stuff on them. In any case, when they are actually tight, it is not damaging them, but is still very annoying.

I had some bad creaking on my KH24 once, I disasembled the whole thing, rinsed all the grease off, dried it, and regreased it, also replaced the bearings, the creaking was gone.

Its really suprising that something that has zero moving parts can create such a loud creaking. Unless of cource it was the bearings making the noise.

I used to have the same problem with my old torker dx I never ended up fixing it before I lost it. (left it at a pitstop 400miles back, and I decided 150$ wasn’t worth a 800 mile drive) Alot of people said it was the spokes, i trued the wheel and tightened all the spokes, it did nothing for me. I’m sure if i’d done what I did to the KH it would have fixed the problem, but hey I love my kh a little more then the torker.