New KH Unicycles and parts at NZ

The new 2005 model KH unicycles are now available in NZ and Australia from . As well we have Qu-Ax trials and 24" Munis in stock, ultimate wheels and lots of new parts. Click this link for a list of all the new products Enjoy!

Tony is so evil :frowning: Now I’m tempted to fill up my shed with even more things than I know what to do with!

Thanks for including the unicycle weights. I think that’s quite useful.

Those Quax cranks look nice, I might have to get some. And that ultimate wheel too. And a KH/ONZA crankset. And,…

Re: New KH Unicycles and parts at NZ

Sweet! Send me the parts and I will be sure to enjoy them. The KH Freeride weighs about the same as my poor old Wilder did- and for quarter the price it seems like a good deal even though it has the less attractive KH Saddle (less enticing than CF Airsaddle). Good work Tony and co. You’re doing well at providing NZ with a decent unicycle selection! Thanks also to Kris and his team for bringing the cost of Aluminium down.