New KH unicycle?

Basically I can’t find any good cranks except for Profile, which are way out of my price range.
About the two you mentioned:
I’ve heard they are both good cranks. Unfortunately, the Monty only come in 158 mm and the Kooka in 170mm. My unicycle(United/Monty 20 inch) came with 140 mm Lascos, which were a good length. I’ve also ridden it with 152 mm steel cranks, which are longer than I prefer, and 170 mm aluminium cranks, which work for hopping moves, but are barely rideable otherwise. The $70 US Monty cranks are an acceptable price, but too long for me.
Someone mentioned at UNICON that somebody had taken a pair of Monty cranks and re-drilled/re-tapped to make the length shorter, then grinding off the excess. Anyone else hear about these? Are they available?

Anyways, Kris mentioned that the splined hub/cranks for this new unicycle will be separately available. I’ll probably consider those, because I’m pleased with my United/Monty.

On a separate note, I remember how hard it was to find a unicycle in 1992. I was in Grade 6, and a unicyclist/juggler had come to my school to put on a show. I thought it was really cool, so I wanted a unicycle for Christmas. I ended up with a 20 inch Norco that only cost $90 CDN! It came with cottered cranks, but I didn’t know about hopping or anything. So, I taught myself how to ride, with no help, no books. Then, four years ago, I heard (through the 'Net) of amazing offroad stuff being done on a unicycle. I bought a wider BMX tire, and rode offroad and learned how to hop. Of course the cottered cranks kept falling off, so finally I welded them on. That worked until I did my first drop over one foot. I guess I shouldn’t complain. We are now lucky to be able to easily get high-quality, durable unicycles.

Caleb Penner

Ah, I wasn’t thinking about Montys and Kookas only coming in one size. Good thing I like 170’s on my Muni - when I replace my cranks, I know the Kookas will be good (if expensive).

And when I get my 20" trials Yuni, it will come with the Monty cranks, so I can just get used to that size from the start.

Casey Drummond was riding aournd on a trials uni with cut down Monty cranks. The cranks had been re-tapped and then ground down to the shorter length. I don’t know what length the cut down cranks are.

The lower cost Norco and Onza cranks are going to be great for the sport. More people are going to be able to afford equipment that won’t break. Combine the new cranks with a Norco/Yuni/Nimbus II/Onza frame and a Velo seat and you’ll have a great uni for a lot less $$$ than the current crop of high end unis. Wow. Teenagers with a summer job will finally be able to afford the good stuff.

Jagur, you don’t have to worry. The new norco uni will be leaps and bounds ahead of most standard conventional models, but as you can see from the field report, no part of it can beat the old KH uni except for the frame. You will not find that it is a better unicycle than what’s available right now for 1300$. So all those of you that bought old kh 20 models needn’t worry that yours will become obsolete. I think the new norco unis will be a great unicycle for almost all purposes, but still not the tip top of the line. As for the frame? Don’t worry about that either. It is merely a copy of the existing frame, made by Norco. So, while the machining may be slightly better, and only slightly it’s not going to be that big of a difference, especially since the norco frame will NOT be sold separately. Take a deep breath Jagur, you made the right choice.

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I have 140 mm Monty Cranks on my trials uni and they work swell. thanx Dan.


Hey! I have a summer job and i have a unbreakable (if I limmit myself to 4 foot drops) profile Muni/ 24" Tuni.  I could almost buy a profile mod at the end of the summer too.

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If Dylan stands behind a product, than you know it’s good.

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I haven’t thouroughly tested them yet, just wait till the video camera comes