New KH touring handle

Since my T7 died last weekend I am looking for a good replacement. The only alternatives seem to be the one by coker or going custom. The one by coker would be very hard/expensive to get shipped to Europe. Besides people complain that it rubs on their thighs. So I will have to get creative, I guess…
I really wish there were some lightweight and strong KH touring handles available. They could have all the advantages of the T7 but of coarse none of the faults (crooked, heavy, weak, low quality). Wouldn’t that be great? I would buy it on the spot. It could be GB4ish too. Color should be either black or silver so it can be combined with any other color… Please, Kris Holm, come up with a new handle! I’m sure a lot of people would want to buy them.

Sounds good to me.

I can’t agree more. I have been looking for a good handle for my KH36 for several months and can’t find anything. The only non-custom option that seems reasonable to me is the GB4, but it’s getting really hard to find them. Kris, if you read this, I would love to see a quality KH touring handle, and I’m sure a large percentage of distance unicyclists would want one as well. :wink:

Custom handle bars FTW!

I have a good feeling there is a KH touring handlebar coming very soon. The 36 is still fresh, so he would still be working on getting all the accessories needed for proper touring on the market. If he is going to offer a touring uni, he knows how to do it right.

He has just got the 110’s out, next will be handles and better seat. Kris knows his 36 customers are going to want them, there is not even a suitable competition yet, especially compatible with the 08 seatpost(no bendy rail adapter).

I imagine Kris will see this thread soon and respond (hi Kris I love your uni’s thanks). He can correct me if I am wrong, otherwise wait until next fall and see.

I was excited for a bit there, thought there actually was one.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he did make one soon. He mentioned he was considering designing a handle at RTL.

Yeah, from talking with him at RTL it sounded like he was thinking of making a customizable/adjustable GB4 style handle. Something that would connect to the front of the seat, come down, boom out and have a T where you could add your own bar ends or something.

I love the GB4, but I think that allowing a slight modification of how far out it cold go and the angle of the grips, and allow room for a brake lever to fit, then it would be perfect. Also, the GB4 is quite heavy, so I am sure there is room for improvement there on whatever design comes out next.

Some people like their handles far out, some like them closer in, some like them angled differently, and everyone likes their handle light and strong. There is a definitely a market for this, and I think Kris will be tapping into it eventually.

Let’s keep hoping, it would be awesome.

Ha, Ha. Have you been peering into my R&D workshop or something?


Hi Kris, glad you found this thread.

So do you think I should rather wait for your handle to come out instead of butchering my own version at high costs and possibly bad results? Or is it going to take a lot of time until it comes out?:o

While we’re at it, how about some magura mount adaptors for turning the 29" into a 26"?:).

Cause that’s what I’m gonna have to make for my KH26 Guni setup next.

Not sure how big the market would be for that, but it should be fairly easy and cheap to do. Or maybe a dedicated 26" frame…

I’m sure you’ll come out with some great stuff, as always:D

Butchering sounds interesting - there are a lot of cool handle ideas out there =).

Hopefully some new stuff from KHU in this regard will happen around mid Spring’09.


Nooo!!! Kris, don’t make yet another silly long handlebar sticking out from the post/seat/frame. It’s been done before (many many times) and all the designs have one fatal flaw. They break. Or else they are made so ridiculously heavy that the unicycle would be used as a boat anchor.

Make a V-frame instead so we can use real handlebars/stems from bikes.

Indeed, triangulation is key to strength. But it doesn’t have to be in the frame (as in a V-frame). Imagine two tubes somehow attached to the frame at different height. The bottom one meets the top one about halfway (there’s your triangle). From that point onwards, the top one can break out into something double (for both hands), adjustable for height and length.

I was initially thinking both tubes could emanate from the seat tube or seat post, but that won’t work very well for short people on a 36" frame. So what about having the lower attachment somewhere on the fork, not on the seat tube. As a bonus, you’d have some lateral rigidity.

No, but the V-frame in my opinion is the most elegant solution. It will allow you to use many different (bicycle) stems and handlebars.

V-Frames would be cool too, of coarse. But what about all the happy N36, KH36 or Coker owners that don’t want an ultra low tuck for whatever reasons, shouldn’t they be able to buy a nice touring handle for their current setup?

I don’t think this is a question of either V-frames or touring handle anyways, so maybe sometime later on a v-frame could be mass prouced :roll_eyes: .

I don’t think I’d get one now anyways, since my current setup is very nice except for the lack of a touring handle.

Sounds like Kris is actually working on a touring handle now, I find that very exciting!:slight_smile:

It’s not about getting a low tuck, just a more comfortable riding position. Most unicyclists I know tend to go low as they ride longer distances or at higher speed. I’ve been off my unicycle all week because this has been so hard on my back without an adequately long handle.

On a bike you can use a more upright stem or spacers to raise the handlebar height too. Same with a V-frame.

The setup can be extended out in front or positioned immediately in front of the saddle and can be adjusted in height; it’s light and simple and seems to work well. Will post more later but probably not for a few months on this one.


That sounds great! I’m looking forward to it:)

So I assume it will attach to the seatpost without the need of rails, right?

Will it work on both 25.4mm and 27.2mm posts? Because my Nimbus has a 25.4mm one and my KHs are 27.2… Maybe shims would work fine though.

I think it would be great to be able to unmount the handle without having to remove the seatpost and the brake. Don’t know if that would cause stability issues though, but I think it would be great to be able to switch around between handle on or off settings.

Then I would probably just keep the brake lever (+spooner) under the seat on the rail bracket.

PS: Let me know if you need another beta tester;)

Having ridden my V-frame since March I can attest that it in no way requires an ultra low tuck. I can ride upright with a hand on it or tuck as low as I want to. I’ve been wanting to post some pictures of my riding positions (for the home made handlebars thread) but I don’t have any good pictures and it’s been snowy and icy lately, so I haven’t ridden in about a week. Maybe when the weather clears I’ll get and post some pics.

Tuck aside, the market for good handlebars for Coker and Nimbus riders is significant. (as far as unicycle handle bar markets go…)

Ken, what’s up with your thumb? Are you a thumb contortionist?


A bike is the same. I don’t set up an ultra low tuck on my bike either…unless it’s a time trial bike.

I can do the thumb thing less well than I used to.