New KH Street Saddle and Welgo Studded Pedals

New, never used blue KH street saddle and Welgo clear studded plastic pedals. I am in upstate NY/Boston, but am happy to ship.




would you be interested for some trade for the saddle (parts list).

I am nearby Boston so the shipping can be saved :slight_smile:

Hmm doesn’t really look like I need any of that stuff, and I think I really need the money more than parts. Let me know if you’re still interested. Otherwise we should plan to ride sometime when I’m back in Boston!

It will interest any potential buyer to add some price range your expecting for the parts :slight_smile:
I usually try to getting rid of surplus part by trading with more useful part right now. But I am curious about the price of the saddle.

And definitely, I would be up for a ride when you are back in the area (I can even discover nice riding spots :slight_smile:

Well its $65 new not including shipping on UDC, so I think I’m looking for around $55. I’m pretty flexible though and open to offers.

How much were you asking for the pedals, only interested if you there are removable pins though?

Yea the pins are removable. How’s around $20 plus shipping?

How much would they cost to ship to California you think? So you can ship them with storm and everything?

PM sent on the pedals…

Do you stil have these?

pedals are sold

PM Sent

I sent you a PM.

Saddle and pedals are sold

sorry for not updating sooner