New KH Sig Rail Adapter


I just received the new KH rail adapter for the KH24 Signature series uni and it’s great. Being able to tilt the saddle for comfort is a real pleasure. I have the tilt maxed and just got back from a short Muni ride and found I like it that way.

I was lucky and got one early (maybe the first). They might be available now at but they’re not yet on the website. Here’s a couple of pics.



how much was it?

hopefully they are stonger than the original (miyata bolt pattern) ones,mine broke after 5 months…

Hey Jag,
That original one of yours is still alive and well on my CF base. “I had the technology, I rebuilt it” :wink:


Nice catch! It really makes a difference being able to get a personal fit. You’ll like the brake lever being closer to your hand too. Do you have the Delta lever extender? It’s the only way to go.

edit: I just looked a your photo again, saw the Delta lever, you're all set, enjoy!


I don’t know the cost of the rail adapter. I exchanged another part for it at It appears to be beefy but only time will tell if it’s going to last.