new kh shinpads

anyone tried them yet.? thinking of getting some.

no they look crapper than some fox ones i have. i wouldnt get them get sixsixone 4x4s.

jokes, haha !

i’ve heard that theyre really good.

they just rock

best guards i ever used :slight_smile: (i used TSG and 661 4x4)

Any chance you or someone else could elaborate? :slight_smile:

I need some protection… my legs are starting to get beat up, so I am in the market. My son will need some as well…



I actually just got mine in the mail today, and after a bit of riding, I already like them a lot. I was riding with SixSixOnes before, but the fusions are a lot more comfortable to wear. For a few reasons actually.

  1. The padding on the inside is much nicer on the leg because it is softer, and has a nice material lining it.

  2. I find the shape on the knee eliminates any extra bulging where there is just extra material sticking out.

  3. The inside of each leg (where the tire is most likely to rub) and the most vulnerable spot on the knees are both made of polyurethane so they will hold up a lot better. Of course I haven’t had a chance to see this in action yet because i haven’t taken any big falls on them yet.

  4. There isnt a lot of extra material anywhere on them. The SixSixOnes I had went all the way around the back, where you had to velcro them, and then strap them around and thread them through the plastic things. The Percussion Armor just has really quick strapping system, so there is a lot less “excess baggage”, and they are a lot faster to put on and take off.

These pads are quite honestly just a really well designed set of leg armor. Take advantage of them I would say.

Kevin McMullin

how does it sit on the ankle and crest of the foot. 661’s tent to ride it rather than grip the leg for me.

What about the lack of protection behind the knee (in the bend)? I’ve taken the pedal spikes pretty hard right in there, which then stuck in and scraped down my leg, so i rather like the protection that the 661s provide in that spot. Other than that, they look good.

That mesh netting back there?

That doesnt protect me at all, pins rip right through them.

lol yeah, there is no protection on the 661 pads there anwyays!

so which would you say are? and which are the best value for money?

Yeah, you may have a point. I haven’t actually looked at my 661s since the Winter started, so i couldn’t remember how much coverage the mesh provided, and maybe it’s just coincidence that i haven’t been nailed there by the pedals since wearing the 661s. Hmm…

I ordered my kh percussion pads last night so hopfully they will come tomorrow :smiley: I wasnt to sure weather to go for them or the 611s as in the pics the 661s lokked as if they had thicker padding but i decided on the kh seeing as there designed for uni riding and its too late to change now

I’ve been saved by the back of the 661 shinguards during pedal bites.

I vote KH just because my 661s are so bad.

all of the straps have ripped off(my mom resewed them), I’ve gotten bloody pedal bites through them, and the straps are too long.

however, for about $20 they’re good enough.

Same here.


my kh pads came this morning im stroking them right now :smiley: they appear to be very well made and designed I have only been out riding with them for a short time and but havnt had a bad UPD yet and been hit in the shins or knee but the fell realy cumfy I am going to go out after lunch and try some trials and unispins to try out there protection

I could not be much more pleased with my kh pads i have been caught in the back of the legs a few times been smacked in the shins and landed on my knees quite badly and you can barly fell it, i cant compare them to 661 4x4 as i havnt worn them before but compared to the football shinpads I used which were around £20 my kh pads are amazingly better, i wore my old shin pads under my jeans and they still got sredded but my pedals dont seem to touch my kh pads even though i have been wereing them on the top of my jeans now
I think there excelent, well worth the money