New KH Seat Cover

Received a new KH Fusion street saddle a few days ago. I was surprised to find the cover is different–it appears to be a fake leather type cover instead of the cloth cover of previous models.

Anybody know why the change? I’ll assume it’s easier to clean or more durable.

“Improved: Saddle covers (photo attached). The drawstring has been replaced with a simple velcro tab underneath the seatpost plate, sandwiched under the seatpost when installed. This eliminates the hanging drawstring and bulk of the knot under the rear bumper, and makes installation easier. The pattern has also been adjusted around the front 4 bolts to help keep fabric away from the bolt holes. For June 2012 I’ve returned to having the covers with smooth synthetic leather for main top panel.”

That’s what Kris wrote about it in this thread.



I bought a few unis for my wife last year and they came with the new seats/covers. I swapped one out to use on one of my unis and I prefer the new design, they don’t soak up the sweat like my other seats.

The other new aspect, the velcro fastener, didn’t really affect me wither way. I’m not in the habit of popping the cover on and off.

I just wish the front wasn’t stapled. I wasn’t expecting that when I stripped the cover to flatten my seat.

Yeah, neither was I. You should try flattening a dozen seat, pulling staples will be the least of your concerns :roll_eyes:

I think the stapling thing is not what Kris had in mind, so in theory it should go away.

Ya know, most (all?) bike seats have covers that are permanent, so being able to replace a cover is kinda specific to unis, probably harkens back to the days of no bumpers and covers that were not abrasion resistant.

Don’t be suprised if the next gen seats are glued and stapled.