New KH rim vs old KH rim?

Which is stronger:
KH 2007 rim
old hole-less KH rim


according to kris and Ryan, the newer, wider, way more stable one.

go with that one.

I’m just a bit concened that those holes will make it weaker lol

I bent my nimbus rim off of a big gap… its just like the old one
I havn’t tried the new one, but it sounds pretty freaking strong.

How are the 24" nimbus rims?

Edit: hang on I just broke a nimbus rim! Ignor the obove queston :roll_eyes: :o

i tacoed a 19" double walled 48 spoke rim called a nimbus rim.

I smell desighn falts
(either that or a big sign saying:
don’t go big or this product will bend)

As far as i know Nimbus rims are like the old KH rims

The KH 07 is (in my opinion) the best rim out there right now. I took mine off several big sets and i ride with a pretty low preasure and my rim is still in a very good condition.

naw, i landed on top of the uni sideways (HUGE bail) and was very much surprised that the seatpost wasn’t snapped off, or frame bent. spokes were nice and tight too
still rideable though. i straightened it A LOT!

I just did a 1.5 foot on to a grassy slope lol

edit: I’ll try to straighten mine but then I will only be able to ride coz it will bend if I drop it again?

Fyi, If you are looking for rim options look into bike rims, there are more options.

Ok supplie me to a link to the strongest, aforderble and still wide bike rim :wink:

Bikes aren’t compatable

All the bike rims I have seen are 24 or 32 spokes. Uni’s are 36 or 48. Do you have a link to a compatable bike rim ?

its possible to lace 32 and 48 hole rims to 36 hole hubs, just difficult.

a V!Z rim would fit

in my opinion the KH is stronger than the V!Z though
i rode a V!Z before my KH and the V!Z bend pretty fast but remained rideable a long time, my KH is still in 98% perfect condition (when i true it it will be 100% again) and i took it off some big sets and (ask Roger or Roland or everybody else who saw me riding haha) my landings are always pretty hard to the unis. i bend rims very fast.

Compatable bike rim? I don’t understand what you are asking. What are you trying to accomplish?

There are plenty of rims available with 36 and 48 holes. In fact, most tandems use 48 hole rims… but, where does this get you?

I’m confused.

darn it miles stop being so smart

Viz, Zhi, Tryall, Monty, Echo, Bt, Onza.

(echo and bt are 32h though. I hear all you need to do is skip a spoke hole on the hub every 8 holes and you can lace 36/32)

Oh yeah, and revell.

learn something new

Ok, I didn’t think to look at trials bike shops.