New KH Pulse Gloves

Hey All,

To let you know, Pulse gloves have been redesigned. Photos and info are here (Scroll down for photos):

The gloves have a more breathable back panel, split down the middle to make it easier to get the gloves on. The fingers have better fit and are slightly longer. The palm abrasion protection is less bulky and has wider coverage, to add durability.

There is also a new fingerless version.

On the first order, the full finger version will be available in the USA and Europe. The fingerless version will be available in the USA, Canada, and Korea, and in Europe in a few months.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Can not find wrist gloves of my size for a year already… I woud like to have both types. Hope to see them with delivery to KAZ… :roll_eyes:

They look good!

I’m really glad they’re not blue like a previous model. If my current KH gloves die, I’ll definitely buy them:)

Fingerless … awesome. I ride with fingerless gloves most of the time, so this is good news for me :slight_smile:

French translation is so funny !

Looks great… I cut the finger tips off my old gloves, its really useful for making adjustments on the move :slight_smile:

French and german site is still the old one…

All 3 languages show a different year of development.

Awesome! I’ll be buying a pair as soon as my current gloves wear out. That should be soon at the rate I’m going.

Yes, I know - sorry about that. A new website is in the works, and so I don’t want to put too much into this one. Will see what I can do =)


Didier - if you have a suggestion on translation I’d love to hear it. I don’t speak French or German so the translations are really hard!


They look fantastic Kris! :smiley:

Nice gloves Kris!

Are they stiffer than the originals?

Fingerless look great! I don’t buy fingered gloves without trying them on first, and my hands generally get hot when I’m riding, so fingerless for me.


Will the new version of your website include more languages than English, French, and German? I am willing and able to translate your site into Portuguese (for free). Send me a PM if you’re interested, I can show you a completed portion.


PS The new gloves look great, I’m especially excited for the fingerless ones.

Kris, my understanding was that Romain from CDK made the French transalation for you, did he check this one ?

New website sounds good :slight_smile: Do you need help to translate it to german?

Hey - thanks for the offer! For now, if you see problems in translation it would be really appreciated if you could email me about it:


Are these any different than what you were wearing on the mountain in Brixen?

I like the fingerlessness, was wearing my pulse gloves the other day and thinking…I hope these pulse gloves get an upgrade. The part at the top of the finger bits on the glove feel really uncomfortable on the inside where the material joins together.