New KH Line = Cheaper 2007 stock?

Hey All,

I’m considering getting my first uni, and was wondering if the impending KH 2008 line will make the now old 2007 stock any cheaper? Does it work similar to bicycles, where last years stock is sold is runout, to make way for the newer line?

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When the new kh’s come out people might sell their 07’s on the trading post.

It is never a guaranteed thing. The new 2008 stuff is probably going to cost more so, so odds are pretty good that there won’t be much reason for UDC and other retailers to put the 2007 stuff on sale, however if they have way more stock than they want then it might happen.

As previously mentioned, buying a used one is a much more likely option.

I would have to say yes, I got my 05 KH cheap when the 06s came out. As someone mentioned it depends a bit on what price point the new ones come out at, but I can’t believe they’re going to be so much more that there’s enough differentiation between the two models to sell the old one undiscounted. There will of course also be people trading up, so keep your eyes peeled on the trading post and eBay.


I got my KH29 05 at a nice discount right before the 07 models came out. I know that other people also got discounts. Not Huge but about 15%. Keep in mind that We bought from Municycle.Com MDC. I don’t know if other retailers gave similair or different discounts.