New KH Leg Armor

Calling all 36ers - Lake Tahoe 03Jun07

The ride is on June 3, about 72 miles, but you can ride 100 miles like Nathan or less like John Foss. There are about a dozen unicyclists registered so far. Here’s the website:

There is also another thread started by Nathan here:

I hope you can come!


Even if it is much cooler, I have gotten hit by pinned pedals in the back of the knee, and let me say I’m very glad I had 661 shinguards on. I need some protection back there, even if it is just something to prevent the pins from breaking skin.

I’ve almost gotten bites in the back of the knee from trying to turn too sharply before I could turn very well; I fell off the front and the unicycle went forward between my legs, and my leg got caught by the crank/pedal. Would have gone very badly if not for the shinguards.

u smart u didnt say any thing contiversial and stated that your opiniyon was from the pic.
in other words smart man:D :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile:

im retarded (somtimes :wink: )

I bought the kh shinpads and will definatly buy another set when theese finaly die (and probably give them a funeral as well) they are excelent i havnt been injured by my uni atall since wearing them and i have been learning to 180 and 360 unispin so i have been getting hit in the shins a huge amount recently, i say BUY THEM THERE BRILLIANT AND WORTH IT :slight_smile: