New KH Leg Armor

I saw earlier today that the new KH leg armor was out. I was wondering if anyone has it yet. I have heard that it is better than the 4x4s but i was wondering if it is 16 bucks better. I am going to get a pair of leg armor soon and i was wondering which was better.

Whoa… where?


Darren might have them too, I have no idea but has a pic.

they look like the fox ones. when the pedal smacks your shin the plate bends slightly, hence you still get bruises thru the pads. i havent tried 661s for more than 5 mins before but i think that the moulded plastic on them doesnt bend as much so the pads take the impact rather than your shin. however its like wearing steel armour compared to kevlar. the kevlar being the kh or fox and the steel being the 661. if shot at the kevlar disperces the bullet impact over a large surface area. even tho it hurts like crap for the person wearing it due to the flexibility, the bullet wont kill them. the person wearing steel armour, due to the stifness of the steel, would be killed because the bullet would penetrate it because the steel doesnt spread out the impact. but if its thick enough the person wont feel SH*t.

basically the fox or kh will last longer but still bruise you and the 661s will break if hit hard enough, but until then you wont feel a thing on impact.

id go the 661s because its unlikely that youd hit it hard enough to break it and replacing them periodically would still be better than semi-frequent bruising.

six six ones look nicer and more comfortbale that looks blocky

Eh, I still like my Krusher pads more.

those look alot nicer than 661s

until theyve been tried and tested, i dont think anybody is in a position to say which are better are worse than these.

Yeah, everyone is basing their opinions from a picture. I think they look nice. The old KH leg armor was way cool and this is supposed to be improved. I would like to see some in person.

What are you basing that on, you’ve never seen the Kh, and you’ve only worn the 661s for 5 minutes? Isn’t it a little unfair to malign a product that you’ve never been within a thousand miles of?

Kh makes quality products, and bearing in mind that he is well aware that his biggest rival in the market place is 661, he will no doubt have designed his armour to exceed the 4x4 in terms of quality and performance. Sure it might not match the weight/bulkiness/discomfort vs. protection ratio that some people require, because that’s a personal preference, and it’s impossible to satisfy everyone.

I’ll be getting a pair as soon as I can, my 661s are shot.

Same here. Straps ripping off, velcro ripped apart. Mesh behind the knee ripped Front and sides ripped up. Plastic plates have chunks missing now too. lol

Cant wait for the KH guards.

firstly i have seen the kh dumbass, there was a picture! :astonished: secondly i was trying to be unbiased because both are equally good, and bad. the last comment was, as i stated, my own personal preference.

Your age is showing.

You cant base an opinion off a picture. Well, you can, but its not gonna be very good. Especially when this stuff has only been out for not even a week yet.

Before you go comparing guards, how about trying them for more then mins, really get to test them out, and not just look at a picture and act like you know all about it and what will be better than it. It doesn’t work like that.

Can’t judge a shinguard from its picture…

EDIT: What you said about the 661 breaking on a hard impact, but you not feeling anything, is the biggest lie I have ever heard. Ask anyone with 661s, you get hit, you feel it.

you dont feel it as much as you do with the fox style. ive been hit in the same(ish) spot doing the same trick with both pads. fox style is worse.

to me they look a lot like the 661s. but with a different strap pattern and a bit more calf protection. I’d have to try them, see them in person to say anything more. But from the picture, i’ll stick with the cheaper 661s, especially because i can get those at wholesale, even at retail though i’m not sure it’d be worth the extra money.

I will probably be getting a pair at some point soon.

first thing I though when I saw them was, they look really hot, like temperature wise. There are no ventilations holes like there are on the 661s…it seems from the picture that my legs would get even sweatier than with 661s :astonished: .

i do really hate how the straps rip off on the 661s, though, and I’m sure Kris’s are better in this dept.

I’m the first to order KH armour from UDC!

I ordered the new armour the moment I saw this thread. I should have been wearing armour months ago, and now I’m in a knee brace because I was foolish and fell off my KH 24XC. Old guys need more protection 'cause we don’t heal so fast anymore.

Also ordered the new fusion freeride seat for my Nimbus 36er - hopefully my butt will survive the “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride” in Lake Tahoe in June. I think there are about 12 unicyclists so far to take on about 3000 bicyclists. Why don’t more of you consider joining the ride?


gabetheunicycleman obviously have no idea what he’s talking about.
Comparing shinguards that is supposed to protect against pedalbites with bulletproof vests is just silly. 661s won’t break, well maybe if you shoot at them ;).

These new KH shinguards look nice. They seem pretty similar to the 4x4 only these have more straps, I hope this helps them stay in place better than the 661 does, because my 4x4 tends to slide down and expose my knee.

I’ll probably get the KH armor when my 661’s wear out. I’m sure Kris made them better in virtually every aspect.

As to heat the back of the knee is clear for ventilation, so they should be COOLER not hotter than 661’s.

Do you have any dates? It’s road, right? How many miles?