NEW KH ISIS hub with new 165mm crank arms and hardware

Brand new blue KH hub with the spacers and crank bolts with 165mm moment crank arms - yup, its all brand new and pretty .

I bought this on e-bay recently because the seller said it had 150mm crank arms and it arrives today with 165mm arms -WTF??? The 165’s are too long for my 29er. The e-bay return process is a pain and now I want to just get my $$ back out of this and try to find some 150’s elsewhere.

$120 shipped in the lower 48 United States. PM me if you want it shipped elsewhere or have questions.

Also please let me know if you have some new-ish 150mm single hole or 125/150 double hole moments that you want to trade for these 165’s


Will you sell just the hub?
(…haha guess prob not I should have read tho hole thing befout posting)

I really just wanted/needed the crank arms from this set, but I guess I don’t want to break up the set quite yet. That said, if I can find someone to trade the 165’s for 150’s, then I’d totally sell you the hub.


Good luck getting rid of the 165’s. It seems nobody wants them. I have had a set kicking around for over a year now that I will probably never be able to get rid of.

AAAARHHHHG! Just what I needed to hear.

Well all you have to do is advertise them on eBay as 150’s and you’re set. :sunglasses:

You, too, eh? I guess I got the other set. The seller emailed me, though, and I’m just sending them back to her for refund of all costs. There’s no way to get rid of 165s, I don’t think, unless we get a big influx of MTB converts who think long cranks are as important in muni as in MTB.

How about trying to market them to the 36" riders with ISIS hubs who might be into long duration high elevation climbs. :slight_smile:

or maybe when the KH26 comes out…

Funny, guess its a small world. Yes, I’m gonna persue the return bit too. . . .the seller just contacted me and they were really subserviant and grovell-ey about making a mistake.

Ok, come-n-gettem, all you 36" riders with ISIS hubs who might be into long duration high elevation climbs. . . . . . . . . I think I hear the crickets chirping, but little else . . . .
Oh well, thanks for the idea tho.

Why didn’t I think of that! Brilliant young Vincent!

Ok, thanks for all the ideas, but the new hub and cranks are no longer for sale - and I found the double hole ISIS cranks I wanted all along, so all is well and I’ll be 29ering again soon . . .