New KH Hub, defective??

I just recieved a new KH Hub for the muni I am building and right away, the orientation of the crank arms looked kinda “off”, like they were not quite at 12 and 6 o’clock. I tried moving them to different positions on the splines and to the other side, but the odd orientation remained. In the attached photos, I illustrated this “gap” by placing both crank arms on the splines at the 12 0’clock position on a flat surface.

I think this looks like more than just a slight manufacturing error, I guess I expected more from KH??
Anyone seen this before? What do you think?
Should I ask for a replacement hub/crank arms??


definitely ask for a replacement; you payed for a top of the line hub, and to settle for less would be an insult to your intelligence.

umm… how about putting them on the right way?
try and then keep complaining if necessary

he just put them like that to show how “off” the splines were.

“umm… how about putting them on the right way?
try and then keep complaining if necessary”

Umm, not complaining, I did try putting them on the right way, but the arms are off that same 1/4" in the correct positions, making me think the hub is defective. Point being that I don’t want to invest wheel building time/$$ if the hub is defective.

Other thoughts??

could you switch the cranks around and take another picture? see if the left side still sticks up with the cranks changed. then you can see if it’s your cranks or your hub that needs to be replaced.

yeah, but it may be that way just because they arent the way they are supposed to be. but as he said apparently not

you should send them back and ask for new ones but ive ridden a few months with what looks worse than my avatar

Yea i was just gonna say exactly this. Try and pin point the exact problem before trying to get it replaced.

after you identify the problem just e-mail kris about sending you a new hub, he’s a real nice guy. E-mail-

How do you know it isn’t one of the cranks?

That was exactly my thought. Now I am very worried, because I want to see if my hub and cranks are correctly lined up. I just bought my KH less than a month ago, and might have the same problems.

BTW. Anyone knows what direction I should spin the allen key to take off my KH Moments? Clock or Counter Clock? Thanks in advance.



Lefty loose - righty tighty.

It’s very hard to gauge when the hub is already built into a wheel. My cranks are jammed in there very tight also. I am going to need crank pullers for this.

Do you guys think that two levels (one on each crank) will show if my hub/cranks are off? If so, I am going to home depot tomorrow. Or do I have to break it down to see?

Sorry for the thread jack.

A friend got a KH24 within the last month and he has the same problem. He tried a different set of cranks and had the same offset. Looks like it is the hub in his case and I would guess yours as well. He got his from a bicycle dealer but not sure which one.

The levels would only work if the surfaces of the crank arms were flat. but if they’re curved a little bit so it’d be impossible to tell.

Is there any more news from KHU or a unicycle dealer yet?

Correct Spline?

Make sure that you assembled them on the correct spline.


I think thats been tried

For a 10 spline system, it would have to be way more angled to be on the wrong spline.

These aren’t Profiles.