New KH handle.

Well this is the second handle to my seires…

(your thinking “Thats a Big Ass Handle”)

Kris Holm actually designed and built this? It seems more like a EB handle.

No No No, The handle is made for a KH saddle.

i TOTALY screwed up the paint job, the pait completely sheared off and is all gummy,so im gona fix that part, heres a pic of the under side nite" the paint begining to go…

adam vinatieri would love that.

oh man, that’d hurt way more to land on then the reeder handle.

Responses thus far have been more than charitable.

Il say myself it is a HUGE handle, but it is very comfortable to hold and use.


The fabrication work you are doing is great practice, even if the results aren’t always practical. I am glad to see any young person spending time making things. You are lucky to have the resources to do it, as was I at your age.

I am looking forward to trying your handle out in Kansas. :wink:


It looks like the front bumper on a highway patrol car. Ready to knock anything out of the way! You might want to do some UPD tests with that handle to make sure your pants don’t get caught on it. If you’re using it on a Coker this is especially important!

its just to big

actuly not, it works great, the only down side is no frontward dismounts.

If you can’t foreward dismount, what happens in a UPD? I don’t think it’s practical, it doesn’t even have any grips. It is good fun to make and design things even if they aren’t practical, though. You might want to think a little bit more about the design next time before you just start welding.

i dont see why guys think its not practical, its everthing i want it to be. Its perfect for my uses.

Yeah, if you want to rip your manhood off. It also looks extremely heavy.

To quote you from a little earlier:
“the only down side is no frontward dismounts.” If your burly handle works for you, that’s great. But there’s no such thing as “no frontward dismounts.” I’ve been riding over 25 years, and I still can’t say no to them.

So be careful.

Then if you think of improvements you can add them to the next handle. That’s the great thing about designing and building your own stuff. You have a monster handle. I think it looks cool, but you’re going to have to watch out for getting caught on it.

try this

hey evan

i know that this handle has already been made by a few companys but why dont you have a go and try to make it your own style some how.

maybe if you make a handle like this to a high standard i will be intrested in purchaseing one from you.



try this.bmp (991 KB)

experience is the best teacher…go do some big drops with it, then come back & give us a report. :wink: i believe this tried&true method has been used for tens of thousands of years…

um, yeah, go crash on that a few times and if you still have your man bits, then we might think it’s an alright handle. i’m gonna stick with the reeder handle though. no offense.

Just what are “your uses”?What does it work great for?

It looks like it would be heavy…
maybe you should cut some rubber stuff and put it over those sharp edges.

I wish i had the stuff to do stuff like that.I need it.