New KH Energy Drink

KHU is launching an energy drink called U-Brew - check it out


I’m really really intrigued by this. Might have to buy myself a pack…

“1st” one I’ve seen today! Well done! :slight_smile:

The recycling scheme is brilliant.

hopefully your attempt is more successful than K-1’s attempt back in 2007

hahaha! Best one I’ve seen today! xD Really laughed while reading it xD

EDIT: Saskatchewanian that one is so funny xD

It’s not fair!:smiley:
Twice I’ve been ‘had’ today, and both times it’s been on here :slight_smile:

Does it help if I say that I didn’t know you guys did’April Fools’ across the Atlantic.

Good one :stuck_out_tongue:
Can I get them in titanium cans? I’d like to recycle them into a titanium KH frame.

Wow, very elaborate! This is definitely the best one I’ve seen to far (today). :slight_smile:

Congrats to you (and probably Carl Hoyer)!

Yes - thanks to Carl Hoyer for setting this up!

Very nice, glad to see you pulled it off…evolution of the April Fool’s joke :astonished:

That was a great April fool’s day joke! Very funny, all the details on the website had me laughing.


I need try one…

You should really make them!

+1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this is the best April fool I’ve ever seen. That was awesome! :wink:

Nice. I particularly like the description of the machined can. :smiley:

i’d buy it.