New KH ambassador team member Sonnie Trotter


The climber Sonnie Trotter has joined the KH ambassador team. Sonnie was the 3rd climber in North America to climb 5.14d, and has become very well known for some extremely difficult crack climbs including one of North America’s hardest, Cobra Crack in Squamish BC.

It’s cool to have him on the team because he brings such a hyper motivated attitude to our sport and all the credibility that comes with being such a star in the climbing world. He’s new to muni but has ridden a uni on and off for quite a long time.

Here’s a vid of Sonnie and a few friends doing some deep water soloing:


always nice to have another unicyclist join the flock!

I really like that place

In the vid. I did a tiny bit of no gear chicken climbing as a kid in Ct. We also did a bunch of cliff jumping into water. I really think I could get into that kind of climbing. I was to afraid of death, to enjoy normal rock climbing. That place rules !:slight_smile:

Sonnie Trotter is a huge addition to the KH team and I hope he catches the Muni bug. Slowly but surely the climbing world is being won over to Muni. We’ve got to start working on the big wave surfing crowd next.

Nicely done, Kris.


Thanks- I’m glad he was keen to do this!

As far as surfing goes, yesterday I got an email from a woman who is surfing instructor on the coast of oregon who wants to get into muni. =)


Man that looks so fun, but I just knew someone would get hit with one of the rocks, I wanna try that heaps. Kris, you should sponsor me aye haha. Maybe later. Thats my goal in life, to be sposored by you. Because I know how good you have to be.
Well done, Sonnie.

Laird Hamilton lives right down the street from me (when he’s not traveling/surfing), and there’s a bunch of other big wave doods around here as well. Also, there’s a pretty large cliche of guys up at Mavericks, near San Fran, one of the monster breaks of the world (up to 60-foot faces). That group might be easy pickings as well. I’ll start nosing around and see who’s intrested.

Get a couple luminary surfers on board - so to speak - and the others will follow. Now that Muni articles are regularly showing up in popular adventure sports magazines I suspect the craze will soon be underway. Will have to work on getting a muni spread in Surfer’s Journal or Surfer.

Of course we still talking comparatively small numbers, but there’s a whole lot of trail out there . . .