new KH 36 rim brakes

I have a brand new KH 36 for sale. I had a lot of brand new parts including a KH frame and I found a 36" rim, so I built this nice 36er.
All parts are new but the tire. Before leaving for a foreign trip, I changed my tire for a brand new one, so this tire has less 500 km. The inner tube is brand new.
I just built the wheel with a brand new rim, new spokes and KH spirit hub
The cranks are never used 90mm KH spirit.
The pedals are new RaceFace Chester blue
The seat is KH one and the clamp is a blue KH 2 bolts
The brake is brand new Magura HS33.
Did I say that every parts are brand new but the tire :wink:

I’m in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I’m asking $950
I can ship at your expenses.

90mm cranks on a 36er! Brave/experienced rider only territory.
I wouldn’t go below 125’s on a 36er personally.

110’s feel good on a KH36, didn’t know 90mm were a thing with KH spririt cranks. Must be a challenge to mount it

As I said, I built it from my spare parts. It is the only KH brand new cranks I have. I can switch them for VCX 3 holes brand new too. But with the KH spirit, doesn’t this uni look fabulous?


It has been sold. Thanks