New KH 24 muni paint job: metallic red!

I painted a new KH 24 frame and rim, in preparation for building it into a schlumpf. Shiny metallic red.

4 coats of base, and 4 clear coats on top.

I’m quite happy with the results!

thats a really sexy uni!

nice!! That’s my fav color!!! I want one

wow that looks good

It isn’t the new one is it? It doesn’t have the new rim. Looks great though!


Nice paint job. There’s not enough yellow in the paint though. :wink:

How did you strip the frame? Did you use any chemicals or did you just sand it or worry it with steel wool?

Nice, now maybe add some cool stickers then get it nice & dirty!

He just sanded down the original paint so I didn’t need primer. Its in the picsaweb link.

man, this looks a hell of alot like a uni i photoshopped a while back…hmmmmmm…

Yup; I just sanded the paint down with 400 grit wet/dry (used wet).

Primer would have been ideal…but the paint was quite expensive as-is.

Yes, it is the “old” rim.

I’m going to paint my trials uni, and Louise’s the same.

Regarding the stripe on the rim; I just masked it off with auto tape (along the center nipple holes and the brake surface), shot the red, and then pulled the tape off the center nipple holes so I could shoot the clear coat over that too.

LOL! Pure coincidence. I haven’t seen the picture you are referring to. I came up with this idea and color scheme, but I’m sure i’m not the first.


That looks so awesome!

Is this the same color as your nimbus 36 frame and custom handle?

No; it’s real automotive paint (high quality), as opposed to canned spray paint :slight_smile:


Ya’know Corbin, I never gave a rat’s pattootie about people’s fancy paint-jobs, or their pimped out color schemes. Until now. That looks freaking great. Nice job.

I haven’t posted on here for like two years…but that paint job is PIMP! :sunglasses:

[OT] Sh!t yeah, Zod’s back![/OT]

Red, booo.