New KH 20" crank Complaint

Whose idea was it to make a crank where the part that attaches the the hub sticks out a full centemeter?

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the uni. It looks great, feels very solid, but I just keep hitting my damn ankles, which makes for a very painful ride. This is especially bad on a trials uni because you have to cut your ride short because your ankles are bruised and bleeding from just riding over to your trials area.

Any suggestions on a remedy that doesnt involve me spending a whole lot more $$$ on a new set of cranks. (no, I do not have access to a machine shop)

-David Kaplan


Is there anyway you could take some pics of it to show us exactily what the problem is? To bad about the cranks, it’s always a pain to order something and have it arrive with problems.

This is a link to the pics

Can you see how painful this would be?
-David Kaplan

OUCH!!! Thanks for the photos. Thanks for not including one of your mangled ankle bones. It looks like armor with integral ankle pads is required or something like AnkleBiters (sp?) protectors. If you taped or padded the bolt housing it would still bang up your ankles.

Ankle Biters

the wait is over!

the meat slicer cranks are here! :smiley:

I still dont understand(unless you have extremely big ankles:) ), wouldn’t you be missing the part if you were rotating around it ???
This puzles meh greatly :thinking: ! Has anybody else encountered this prob? I am very close to getting a new KH trials cycle, so it would help if other KH owners could post on this topic.

Dude! The cranks are straight, his foot naturaly meets the crank placing the crank-at-axle protubance poking in the ankle. Ouch! I wondered about that from some pictures of the cranks, and assumed it was just the camera angle… that sucks. Go attache a corn-cob sticker to your cranks and do some hopping for full understanding.


i get the odd ankle bite from my profiles, but the straight norco cranks look like they’d do it a bit more often.

what can be done?

like some peole already said, wear ankle protectors,
i do whenever i ride a unicycle, a pair of cut down soccer shinpads(the shin pads have been removed leaving only the ankle gaurd. which are much cheaper than ankle biters.

it involves extra cash but you could fit diferent cranks,
is the kh hub compatible with any other cranks? i’m sure therre are a few diferent kinds of bmx cranks out there, maybe one will fit.

probably the best way would be to grind them down a bit ,
i’ve never seen a set of kh cranks up close, so i don’t know if it could be done, you might end up needing new bolts too.

you can buy an angle grinder for next to nothing these days like £15

if you did have a machine shop with a hydraulic press then you could bend them a bit to give them some Q-factor like the profiles
of course you’d have to bend them in two places to keep the pedal axles paralel to the hub axle. i’v no idea how the materials involved would react to that kind of treatment though.

The onza cranks, which also stick out about a centimeter, work for me. I think you just have to put your foot on the right place on the pedal. I have only hit my ankles a few times. With the torker cranks, which dont really stick out, i seemed to hit my ankles more.

Just a thought


Well I just got my Kh20 also, very sweat. I suggest to all you get it with a red velo seat. Ill post pictures on my website at some point.

I solved this nasty problem by adjusting where I keep my feet on the pedals. I move them more to the end of the pedal, it makes landing pedal grabs easier also. I am still asking for ankel biters for my B-day, 1/21. or I can probably just trick my parents into getting them for me, by telling them that if they dont get me ankle biters I wont be able to stand up and greet the guest when I become host of late night with Dan lucal. And becuase Im not able to stand up, Ill get fired. Then I wont be rich anymore so I cant buy them a jaguar. so really its an invetment for them.

Plan B solution: RIDE WITH YOUR HANDS, duh.

Yee haw,

Re: New KH 20" crank Complaint

On Sat, 28 Dec 2002 10:51:12 -0600, evilewan
<> wrote:

>you can buy an angle grinder for next to nothing these days like £15

LOL I misread that. The KH ankle grinder surely is more expensive than

I am wondering though, is this protruding axle by design? If so, why?
Or could it be an individual manufacturing mishap?

Klaas Bil

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I’ve ridden the Summit 19" and yeah hitting your ankles is deffenatlly a problem. But its still worth it for a splined hub. Foot placement seems like its a key thing for the hub, and try to stay as far away from thoes things as you can…

One positive comment, they do make pedal grabs easier.


Wow, those are nasty Dave. :frowning:

The 661 Dually high tops have a built-in hard ankle cup covered with very tough material that will outlast your soles. About $80 online.

Thanks dave, I think that is what I’ll have to do. If there is a next generation KH, I would only change the damn cranks.
-Dave Kaplan


nasty pix acordnsx,

at least it wasn’t a bike that got you this time;)

when i first got my frofiles i was already in the habit of wearing ankle gaurds anyway, so i never got anything as bad as that.

actualy i find that the profile cranks are actualy better than regular cranks for some tricks, because they stick out so much., you can put your feet on the crabks and it lets you do some pretty cool static balances, and they make landing a unispin esayer too.

sorry for bringing this back up but does anyone know if the ankle biter fix this problem?

Every now and then a hit or two of the crank will sting a bit, but they won’t leave you open and bloody.

sorry for being not specific i ment the KH cranks