new keukly video(loic baud , math belot ...)


yeah , the begining is pretty long , but that was a long way to go to street spot

That was really great riding! Saw some cool tricks I haven’t sen before. But what was that at the end when you had that oxygen thing on your face?

at the end , robin had a begining of a faintness

Why did that happen to him?

pretty laid back vid…

really cool vid.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

…but he’s OK now, though, right?

Cool, I really liked it.

The intro was well done.

What was with the part on the boat?

im lost…

yes , now he is ok , it was realy hot

when we began the editing , we didn’t think that we will upload it , so that’s was for the fun


hey i have a question. i noticed robin and robzi look alot alike (from a video perspective anyways) so i was wandering are they related or something. also next time you see robzi tell him im his biggest fan lol.

:smiley: hihi , robin and robzi are the same boy, i will say that to him:D

HAHA! i knew it! i just couldnt seem to figure it out. also tell him that i based my new uni off of his. his is freakin sick, and awesome all rolled into 20in. wheel. man robzi is awesome…:smiley: :smiley: i wish i was as good as him. also there was some questions i would like to ask him about some of his tricks. so maybe (if he speaks english) then maybe i could e-mail him.