new jim c oddessy pedals

i just got 2 pairs of jim c’s with brand new pins for FREE!! i just wanted to kno what you guys though about these pedals…ive heard that theyre alright but i just wanted to kno what you guys thought.


They are arguably the best(for the price) pedals for trials/street available. Remove the pins from one side and they are great for grinding (or so I’ve heard)

Are you interested in selling your spare set?

I’ve beat the crap out of one set of those pedals. They take the abuse well!

They have pretty good grip, depending on what kind of shoes you wear, too.

One of the things that I worry about with any pedal is how strong the spindles are. I think after a years’ use, at least one spindle is just a tiny bit bent…I feel a difference when I buy a new set. I could be wrong though, because it’s hardly noticeable. And I use my pedals for little over a year before they’re beat up enough to invest in a new set. By that time the unsealed (why waste the money when you’re going to bash them up doing pedal grabs anyway) bearings are really loose, and the pedals jiggle around the spindles. Pretty haggard. I never maintenance my pedals, either.

I’m on my second set of Jim C’s. I like them. They are a pretty decent pedal. I don’t see myself riding anything else in the foreseeable future.


If they are different colors put on one of each. That would rock

i might sell a pair cameron. but i wanna ride a round on em first cuz if i like em then ill probly keep em so that ill have good pedals for when i need to change my current ones. but if id dont like em i will be selling both pairs so that i can get my konas. ill report back i a week or so.

I have a pair and hate 'em. I wear 661 shoes, arguably the best for grip, and my feet slide off jimc’s more than any other pedal I’ve tried, including $5 LBS pedals.

The pins are too short and worthless, and the shape of the pedals, while good for grinding, is horrible for gripping your foot.

well im going out to ride in a few minutes and ive never ridden jimc’s before so i guess ill just have to see

i just went for a bout an hour long ride on the new jimcs and i love them…theyre so grippy and the huge platforms are great for when you fudge a landing cuz you have alot more room that your foot can move before it falls of the pedals. all in all i can fairly safely say that these are the best pedals by far thatve ever ridden. the one drawback however is that they are pretty heavy but ill get used to that!

I bought blue ones several months ago in anticipation of my new muni upgrade. Finally it’s about to happen (I really mean it this time…there is a deadline) so I will be able to try them out. I’ve kept them in mint condition until I can put them on the new muni.

They look fantastic.


mine look kinda crappy cuz theyre used but thas ok cuz they still rock!

The concave in the pedals should help keep your foot in place much better than any flat pedal. Have you ever considered that your technique is poor and you’re just blaming your pedals for lack of a better reason? I’ve ridden crazy slippery muni with JimC’s covered in mud, and still managed to keep a grip in crappy old hiking shoes.

Oh Snap! No you didn’t!


Beautiful man, just beautiful.

i’d have to agree that these pedals are good for street and grinding but not so super for muni or anything else really. snafus are concave and have long pins, how could they not grip better?

not to derail but has anyone tried the felt bmx pedals? they’re HUGE and have tons of pins.

The Jim C’s that I have are not very concave at all. My Konas ARE concave and grip well. Like I said, the $5-10 pedals I bought at a local bike shop blow Jim C’s out of the water for grip. If I just had bad technique they would all suck, wouldn’t they? Maybe you think Jim C’s are good just because you’ve never ridden a pedal that actually HAD decent grip.

i gotta say, they arent the grippiest pedals in the world. but i cant stand having my feet stuck to the pedals, especially when my feet leave the pedals as often as they do. i want a bit of slide to readjust my foot position after i land on them.

jim C’s are an awesome pedal, for grinding and unispins etc, they come in a range of colours, although i dont think they come in sealed… which is a little disappointing

I ride muni, trials and street all on the same 24 machine. I’d have to say that the jim c’s are the best that ive tried for all those categories so far.

I’ll agree with Seager that the grip is NOT infact that great. What i did do right off the bat was take out the stock pins that the pedals came with and put in the longer pins that came in a seperate little baggy in the box when i bought the pedals. That made a world of difference. Still there is something to be desired with grip on rough muni. But, to be fair, they are still pretty good. There are not too many instances when i wished they grip better for trials and street.

I think it was cameron who mentioned the pins outa one side for grinding. I took the pins out and filed down the knurling[?] on that side too to make for a super slick grinding surface. I am very happy with the grinds. VERY HAPPY :slight_smile:

As for strength: sometimes on a really high drop or particularly hard pedal grab i think “Damn. I had to have messed something up on that one for sure!”. But No. These damn pedals keep on trucking. There is no rattling on loose bearings but ive only had them for half a year. Still, a lot of rough riding in that half a year.

In conclusion, when this pair dies, I will get a new pair of the same exact thing. I am nearly completely satisfied with them and the price tag makes it a no-brainer for me.

i will say they are very strong pedals. i know more than a few bmxers who swear by them. also, unlike tomsey, i like that super attached hard to readjust my feet feeling. especially for muni and regular trials. for street i’d probably do better with some like the jim c’s but i don’t have a dedicated street uni and i really do more urban trials than street anyway.

Yeah they do come in sealed…Joe just got some.