New Jersey Riders

Anyone near Budd Lake, NJ. Im new to the area and dont know where to ride.

New Jersey is not New England. Even Northern Jersey is a good 4 1/2 hours to Boston.

I’m sure there are some local riders that you can find. New York has a lot of riders, and Philadelphia has a few.

My advice would be to just start riding around a lot, it’s a good way to get to know the streets in your neighborhood.

hey man i was just by budd lake saturday. I did some muni at the delware water gap, which i think is pretty close to you right?
Anyway i am from manahawkin (LBI), but go to school at Rowan University.
My sister lives in Long Valley, which is also pretty close to you I believe. I visit her fairly often so the next time i had up i will be sure to let you know.
I myself dont really know any other nj unicyclists :frowning:

We have a unicycle club in New Jersey; Though, Budd Lake is more then a unicycle ride from here;) That being said, if you are ever in the area let us know.

There are many unicyclist here in Jersey. Occasionally we visit the NYC club where they have more than one hundred members.

I know this is old, but I am from Denville area, and pass through Budd Lake a few times a week. i am always looking for someone to ride with, and am teaching someone from Hackettstown

Curious, does anyone know anything about the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail or the (possibly ?) connecting Lawrence Hopewell trail?

From wschruba at bike forums

Map of Lawrence Hopewell Trail

Looks like getting there from the city would also depend on if a unicycle can be brought on the NJT Princeton Shuttle (“dinky”) train.

I can ask my MUNI crew. I know at least one or 2 of them have ridden it.

I know the Canal path on the northern parts, closer to frenchtown. I have ridden that before.
If you wanted I am not far from the Denville Station (allows for a straight shot from NY Penn no train changes) and can meet you there and go down to the other riding areas.

Definitely interesting to think about; for the moment my question would be how technically challenging it is. Some unpaved roughness, dirt, occasional tree root, fine gravel that stays in place etc, is fine. But I’m not up to hopping rocks or curbs, and after getting up close and personal with the patch of large loose gravel in Van Cortldandt park yesterday afternoon, realize there’s still a lot to learn.’

I sort of feel like at the moment I can take the 36er places that people with narrowest road bike tires avoid (or suffer pinch flats), but a gravel / cross / mountain bike gives a second wheel stability to persevere through loose gravel and 2 exposed inch residual railroad ties that I can’t handle yet.

Then you can take the path from Frenchtown south

I saw a 36er rider on the Delaware and Raritan Canal trail near Lambertville, NJ last Saturday. Anybody on this forum?