New Jersey Muni Weekend

I just got back, what an awesome time! It was great riding with so many skilled municyclists. It was especially great meeting/watching Ben Plotkin-Swing, Joey Cohn, and Joe Merrill.

I think everyone had a good time, and there weren’t any major injuries (except maybe Oli’s foot, though he was doing some pretty awesome trials this morning so I guess it was okay).

I can’t thank Scott Bridgeman enough for putting this thing together. We need more stuff like this on the east coast.

Anyway, I’m no good at writing reviews, I just wanted to start a thread about it. Hopefully people will start posting their pictures/videos soon.


Yeah that was definitely a great event, I got to thank Scot for setting it up.
It was an awesome weekend of riding plus the lunch set-up was amazing,
Followed up by the hibachi that was almost as entertaining as the riding.
Awesome riding with everyone. It’s great seeing some east coast
events getting put together.

Hope to see everyone at Motorama.


Sorry you guys couldn’t stick around for the Sunday afternoon ride. There were about a dozen riders left and we rode for about 5 hrs and it was DRY!. The trail was really great - we had some major trials happening. Looking forward to the pix.

I’m looking forward to Motorama too, but that’s a way’s off. I’d like to organize a New England/East coast trials event before then and invite trials bikers to it.


I agree. It was awesome! Someone needs to post the group picture soon (it was almost 30 unicyclists). i am sad i missed sunday afternoon, but we had a long drive back to Virginia…