New-ish additions.

I made a trip to my hometown today, to pick up a unicycle frame I had welded for me, and to pick up another unicycle that my mum got off a customer who goes to the shop that she works at. The unicycle from the customer ended up being given to me, due to it’s condition, which was cool.

        When looking at the said unicycle, there was something strange about it, for a start the wheel was built the same way I built up my old unicycle wheels, also the seat was padded out more the same as I had done with my old unicycles. when stripping the unicycle to get it home easier, I decided to see what the seat was padded with. Much to my surprise and amusement, it was a school P.E. t-shirt from my old school, with my name on the label.  

         So yeah, this unicycle is the first unicycle I owned, the one I learned to unicycle on. I sold it to a mate about 10 years ago, at somepoint he sold it on. The customer who dropped the unicycle at mums work for me lives a few doors along from my mates old house. I've not seen it since I sold it, and hadn't expected to see it again, but it's back with me.

Back to the frame I had welded for me, I got one of those mini bikes, cut it up, and had it welded so I have a mini-giraffe-unicycle. It looks cool, not running at the moment, need a fixed wheel sprocket, so I built it up using a freewheel to see what it looks like and how mini it will be. It has a 6 inch wheel, and it stands 2ft 1 inch from ground to the dip in the seat.

So yeah, all in all a cool day.


Does your new-old uni bring back fond memories?:o :sunglasses:

If you are looking for a serious challenge, you could ride it as is. A guy in TWNR rode a coaster 16".

I’ve heard that normal fixed-gear mini giraffes are easier to learn to ride than a regular 20".

What’s the effective wheel size?

If you get that mini giraffe going please post a video :slight_smile:

Yeah, now I’m in two minds as to wether I want to sell it on.

The wheel had a freewheel one side and a brake the other side, so I could get the fixed wheel sprocket for one side and a freewheel for the other. This way I could learn to ride it fixed wheel, then flip the wheel round and try freewheeling for a laugh.

Overall height of the wheel is 6 inches.


It should be running for the weekend, so a vid will be up about then.