New invention

Okay, its small, and not like super handy, but sometimes I like to change the vertical position of my seat, while i’m out ridding. Ratch it up for idling, seat out, ect. And ratch it back down for in seat hopping, grinding, yadda, yadda. Well what if you made a little ring that would tigheten around the stem of your seat post, and you could attatch a little allen wrench down there just under the seat out of sitght, but nice and close by when you need it.

Like i said before no huge inovation, just something to make unicycling a little more handy, you could also have a spoke wrench attatched to the other side of the unicycle, really make things handy. All i’m saying is if or the like created something like this for a resonable price 10-15$ I’d buy one how about you?

Are you saying that the Allen wrench and spke wrench would be inside the crown/seatube? Good idea, but I dont see the use for one unless you don’t like carrying tools with yourself. I personally carry a bike tool with allen wrenches, some spoke wrenches, screwdriver, and some circular wrenches. It folds snugly into the size of an orange and has all the tools(except for a wrench for pedals) to dissassemble my unicycle for shipping(It even has tire levers!).

It looks like this:

I have had good luck using an airseat. More air, higher seat. Low air lower seat. The max difference is probably an inch and a half, but it feels like 3 inches.

Some kind of small tool pouch that could clamp securely onto the frame or to the seatpost -

Computer just threw up a Blue Screen Of Death as I was typing this, but I’m still here somehow, so I’m not sure what bit of software just choked on me. Anyway…

  • of any unicycle would be handy. I have one of those little cellphone pouches that mounts on a clip that attaches to the post, but I’m not confident of its ability to survive an impact. I rigged up some “rails” under my saddle to carry an underseat bag, which works really well, but you can’t switch the bag to a different uni, and you can’t remove the saddle from the post without breaking the rails off.

I have that exact same one, Catboy, and it works pretty well. I would think you could find some sort of hard plastic or metal case that you could zip tie or some how clamp to your frame right under the seat that would hold an allen wrench, or even a small bike multitool.

Get a camelbak. If you are on long enough rides that you will be changing you seat height, you will also need water. A camelbak won’t increase the uni’s weight and will be more utilitarian.

I used to have a saddlebag on my muni, before I started seat out hopping and carrying a camelbak. It contained a pump and some other stuff. All of that stuff has moved to my camelbak now.

If you refuse to carry a camelbak, just get a couple of neodymium magnets and attach the allen key with them. Or you could glue some velcro onto the uni and the allen key, and then just velcro it on. Or you could make a small duct tape pouch that holds a few minimalist tools. Or you could weld on a small pouch with a thumbscrew for toolless entry. Or you could just get a quick release seatclamp. It’d be cheaper, lighter, and quiteter than some wrench attached in some unlikely way.

As for the spoke wrench, the coolest place to keep one of those is in your spokes.

Heonestly, though, the camelbak is the best bet.

I disagree.Camelbks suck except for really long rides.They bounce up and down and are useless unless you just ride without doing technical stuff or hopping.

if you can get your camelbak to stay in one place, i have a backpack camelbak, its great for rolling over logs and stumps and trees and rocks and everything. mine has saved my back a ton of pain

Its good for that kind of stuff,but start hpping on logs and rocks,and (mine anyway)while start to bounce like crazy,and eventaully rub sore spots on my neck.Maybe mines just cheap.

It’s called a quick-release seet post. (perhaps there are reasons why the rest of you have opted for other options).

Cheers :slight_smile:

Here’s a nifty adjustable seatpost:

that all well and good but u still need to carry a pump

Quick release post twist and slip

I’ve landed a >26" sidehop no prehop while wearing a camelbak holding ~85 oz of water, tools, and a camera. I figure if I can do that, there isn’t much on the trail that is gonna stop me due ot camelbak bouncing. I carry mine on trials rides and just set it aside when i don’t want to wear it. I have also learned to time my hops to fit the bounce, so it doesn’t stifle my jumping.

Only crappy QR seatclamps slip. Enough said.

I agree it would be nice to have a good, out of the way, system to always have the critical allen wrenches on the uni. That way they’re always there, even if you’re riding sans camelback.

I carry allen wrenches in my hydration pack, the back pocket must have worked open at Moab because I ended up losing my metric set.

I’ve switched to the Salsa Seat post clamp, as recommended by JC, when the tension is set right it doesn’t slip.

I think it would be great if there were unicycle clips that you could use to clip tools onto the seatpost