New invention to change the world's view of transportation

Check out this Human Powered Vehicle coming out soon. I keep seeing
these people testing their prototypes in San Francisco. Multiple
gearing and lean steering. I’m so getting one
when they come out in a few months.

Hmmm… looks like too much work to me.

Yeah, the subject is misleading? It could be novel, maybe even fun, but how will it “change the world’s view of transportation?” I’d rather ride a bike or unicycle for transportation than that thing.

yeah in terms of transportation, this thing appears it be slower, less convenient and less maouverable than a bike. Also that video has some very questionable statements in it.

I only watched the first bit of the vid. It does look like a fun alternative for cruising around the beach front or bike path. I wonder what a high speed ejection would be like, especially if you come to a sudden stop from hitting a curb or pot hole. Helmets or other body armour recomended?

Looks really fun actually, but I doubt their assertion that it’s the most mentally stimulating form of exercise: surely that has to be a unicycle?!

I hate shills.

Its like the treadmill bike. Btw unicycle at 3:55!!

The world is being changed! I’m selling my truck right now for that thing. Really though it does look a little fun, but not as cool as a unicycle. My wife would like it I’m sure. Unicycle>>>>>>>that thing.

Try a unicycle

I’m still waiting for the affordable Segway. That revolution is just around the corner…

This device, clearly, from watching the first 30 sec. of the video, is not intended as a transportation device. It’s a workout device made for outside. So transportation is a side benefit of your workout. That’s a nice improvement over staring at the same wall every time you work out, but if you want to go somewhere a bike will be faster/more efficient. It probably burns more calories than a unicycle though, because you can’t sit down and it looks like there’s more friction between the drivetrain and the three small wheels.

Can’t help but wonder if someone stole Dakoroman’s great invention? :wink:

That’s the crap that Dean Kamen was spouting before the Segway came out… and some people actually believed him. Since that PR debacle, I had to raise the threshhold on my bullsh*t detector.

I agree. Not for myself but I think my wife would like it as an alternative to her short bike rides, definitely takes more effort.

But what is the point?!?! Seriously! All of these new inventions are just so random and stupid, and have no real logic. They are sensationalised and are there for one reason; to make money for the producer.

re the treadmill bike, it has obviously been discussed in that other thread but what’s the difference between running on the, and running on the ground? Other than the fact you go slower on the bike. And therefore you may as well go on a running machine, or run to where you want to depending on what purppose you have.

Whereas a unicycle, on the other hand…

What were you trying to say?

Skateboard, inline, pogo stick, stilts, big wheel, kick bike, skatebike, all the same. Buy it and ride it if it’s fun for you. The inventors, manufacturers, salespeople and shippers get the money, as they should, unless you build your own.

…is not a new invention.

but people don’t try and sell them as a revolutionary way of transportation that is more efficient or what have you.

The difference is in impact level (it is easier on your joints than running). People will buy this for the same two reasons some people ride unicycles - it is fun to do and easier on your joints.

I would far rather go for a ride on a street strider than a run. Everybody is different though and it will obviously not appeal to everyone.

If the maker is claiming it’s more efficient than a bike, there’s a problem. Otherwise it’s an itsy-bit revolutionary (somewhat different) so I don’t fault them there. My point was that this new product is no less random and stupid than a unicycle. Except I’m sure a unicycle is easier to fit in your car… :slight_smile:

There is a unicycle in the video. About halfway through someone goes riding by in the background!