New introduction

>One of the other mailing lists I subscribe to, the sleddog list, asks new
>members to introduce themselves to the list, and I thought it was a nice idea.
>Feel free to introduce yourself to the list. Let us know who you are and what
>your unicycling interests are. You may wish to participate in the Unicycle
>Challenge, where you can write and send us an interesting or humorous story,
>poem, article, book, or just a short paragraph about unicycling.

That sled-dog list sounds interesting as I grew up in Northern Minnesota and in
the snow-bound months that’s how we would get our groceries every other week
(okay Floridians, I’m just kidding :->). Seeing as to how I just joined this
newsgroup it sounds like it’s okay to introduce myself so here goes:

I learned to juggle first, with rocks out in the sheep pasture where nobody
could see me. I had the typical problem with throwing the balls (uh, rocks) in
front of me, so shortly I would be running across the pasture barefoot, trying
to catch up with my throws and not step in something fresh. I got the juggling
down pretty good (this was 8th -10th grade at a small town you never heard of
but International Falls was the county seat - that’s in the news occasionally
for ‘cold spot of the nation’). In 11th grade my best friend showed up at school
riding a unicycle - and he had never told me about it! I thought it was the
coolest looking thing, so with plenty of encouragement from him, I got to be
fairly decent at it, learning on the sidewalk by our house, then on the gravel
road down to the mailbox and back.

Got my first unicycle after my freshman year at college - a used Schwinn for
$75. Wore out the tire practicing my turns and such on the sidewalks in Duluth
(UMD). I rotated the tire (everybody laughed when I told them what I was doing),
but eventually had to get a new tire at a Schwinn store - and the salesman
laughed, couldn’t believe somebody would actually wear out a unicycle tire.
Ah, the unbelievers. Not that I’m real good or anything, level
2.5 I guess, but I’m comfortable at what I do, and can juggle, but not while
idling very well.

My first job was in Texas, got laid off but before leaving I got a 5’ uni that I
never figured out the brand name of from a bike store on the outskirts of Dallas

  • they still had a regular-sized Schwinn on the ceiling (where they kept all the
    unicycles) at that time - about a year ago. I now live in Virg. and went to the
    D.C. juggling convention last June where I tried out a Big Wheel, which was
    really cool.

Stats: Name : Bert Neff (usually) Age : 26 Occ. : Software Engineer Addr : see

Other hobbies : Juggling, Geneology, Air-cooled VW’s, a little volleyball and
Tae Kwon Do.


\ 0 | Bert Neff --|--
| Leesburg, Virginia USA
/ \

.sig notices Bert didn’t say his fifth grade report card said his coordination
“needs improvement”…