New introduction

One of the other mailing lists I subscribe to, the sleddog list, asks new
members to introduce themselves to the list, and I thought it was a nice idea.
Also, several people have introduced themselves to the unicycling list recently,
and it improves the content of the list. I am adding this section to the
standard introduction letter when people join to encourage people to introduce
themselves, taken mostly from the Unicycle Challenge:

Feel free to introduce yourself to the list. Let us know who you are and what
your unicycling interests are. You may wish to participate in the Unicycle
Challenge, where you can write and send us an interesting or humorous story,
poem, article, book, or just a short paragraph about unicycling.

A story that is usually very interesting is how and why you became interested in
unicycling. Another describes your experience of learning to ride a unicycle;
include details that are unique to your learning experience. Tell us of a
unicycling experience that you recall from time to time; just sit down in from
of our keyboard and let them flow into it so, the rest of us can enjoy your
experience too.


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