New iNSaNE Films and CTUNI Website

For all those who were getting sick of the old layout…

We decided to ditch it and got a professional to do the job. I think it looks pretty snazzy. We’re still working out the bugs and as of this moment we do not have all of the pages up but they should be online by the end of this week.

Leave an encouraging note, inform us if you have any problems, and tell us what you think!

By the way… out web designers name is Jonathan Wright and if you like his work and are looking for a designer who doesn’t overcharge for a job well done you can contact him at Hes a very reasonable guy and has done a wonderful job at knowing what we wanted in a website and getting it done. Tell him that Insane Films referred you.

The address is the same as always for CT Unicycle::

Its not a good day until you’ve bled,

I’m getting a bunch of 404.

Nice looking site.
But the only thing thats working for me is the picture and clip of the week.

Nice site. I like the Princess Bride quote on the first page. Keep us posted when all the links are working.

looks great!

Trials tip number one, Dont wear sandals. Good stuff.

Does the pause come before “graphics” or “designer”? :slight_smile:


hey, tim!

ouuuch. clip of the week doesn’t look like a good time.

it’s all very pink. making it all very cool.



Gads man !!!

Give Jon some ice … !

Jeezuzzz … No gloves, no helmet, no kneepads … wtf … lol

(btw, I’m still laffn … and I wish it had sound :smiley: )