New in box nimbus 2 24inch freestyle/street

Hello you might have seen my previous post for thr same uni used but I am getting another one brand new in box.

24 nimbus 2 blue with chrome frame
Nimbus gel seat 300mm post
125 venture 2 cranks
Isis hub
Kenda tire

You can go here for pics and more specs.

*pics on the site may differ slightly for 3 things. When i got my first one the golden sticker on the frame was not there, the nimbus seat logo design was different but still gel, and the nimbus sticker decals might also be a little different. These are just maybes and not sure as I have no t opened the sealed box. Doesnt affect the uni at all.

Selling for $265 shipped to north america.
I am located nyc.

Why are you selling a NIB unicycle?

My friend kind of backed out last minute to join me in unicycling, I want to sell this and get a bigger 29 for myself